Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Breaking the rules...

Over the last few years, every time Hubster and I go into a place like Cost Plus, Marshalls, Ross, or Pier One...we are struck by some of the beautiful dishes they have. We admire them and think that one day we'd like to get new dishes, but we would just never do it. For one thing, we already had a full set of nice sensible dishes, and for another...we would never be able to decide on just ONE pattern because we liked so many!
So one day, a few months ago, we were wandering through Marshalls and came upon the dish section. They usually have such a mish-mash of might find one plate that is really cool looking, but you'll never find a whole set. Another thing is that these plates and bowls are usually about a dollar...maybe two dollars each - which is a pretty good deal for some of the awesome stuff they had.
We stopped and admired several different plates and bowls and then we kinda looked at each other and wondered why we would have to find a whole set of the ones we liked? Why couldn't we just buy different, assorted plates and bowls that we DO like? Why would they have to match, or be part of a set, or all look the same, or even similiar?
It was at this point that we decided to break all the rules and just get all different kinds of dishes! I'd had our other dishes for at least 10 years...and hubs wasn't really too fond of them anyway. We decided that we would slowly just aquire an entire set of dishes that we liked. Nothing could match or look similiar - we decided to go for stuff that was completely different and funky.
Of course I had to take pictures and document everything :)
These our our previous dishes...beige with a blue and green stripe around the outside.
and here are some of the things we picked up that first trip....
Big Plates!

This is one of my favorites...

I'd say our first trip was productive! We have so much fun digging around on all the shelves trying to find the odd funky plate.
We've acquired alot more since that first trip - so I will be taking more pictures :)


Back Nine said...

That's the spirit. What wonderful dinnerware. My coffee mugs are a collection of advertising premiums I've picked up through the years ... Mom would be appalled by what I consider a formal table these days. I enjoy your blog ... ok to link it to mine? Linda

Amanda said...

Ha! I can picture the two of you, sittin the floor diggin through the dusty shelves of Marshalls. Cute plates!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I would go NUTS!! (Actually, I am nutting up as we speak)! hehehe :o)

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that last post was not meant to be anonymous. Love,
Ani Bannani