Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My poor little neglected blog...I didn't mean to forsake you, it just happened.

For some reason, I feel like we've been extremely busy for the last couple of months. Yet, when I sit down and think about exactly what we were busy mind goes blank.
Last weekend, the hubster turned 31 years old - and his entire family (4 adults and 3 children squeezed into our little house) came down to celebrate. It was nice to have them all here since it has been almost 2 years since they last came, and hubs seemed to have a nice birthday albeit a touch more chaotic than we are used to.
We love our neices dearly - and since we each have siblings with 3 girls....we're just surrounded by cute girlyness on both sides. BUT, I can't imagine how my sisters-in-law handle those kids without going insane...they are so BUSY and all over the place. My father in law asked me over the weekend if I'd learned anything from watching them...and I said "yes, I've learned that I don't want three kids". HA!
I think the amount of kids a person has is a very personal decision - and of course I won't really know how I feel until I actually have them...but I think 3 would put me JUST over the edge of sanity. I think two feels like a good number. 2 kids and buncha pets would do me about right. If you ask hubster he might have a different answer though, don't they always? For men, it's just "let's have a baby!" and that's that. It's a different story for women though, it's more physical and emotional, plus we have to figure out the job situation, and the housework load gets bigger. Let's face it - even in this day and age of equal opportunity - the women take the brunt of the housework and the child rearing. I'm just's a WHOLE different story for us wimmins.

One thing I've done, is gotten our yard spruced up a bit...planted some flowers and some veggies. I started a mini-greenhouse with seeds of sweet cherry tomatoes - a cherry tomato medley (yellow, orange and red), sherbet watermelon, and a medley of sweet peppers (also yellow, orange and red). The seedlings just sprouted so I should be able to transplant them in a couple of weeks. I also have big barrels with zucchini and early girl tomatoes growing. And I have some sugar snap peas to plant along our fence line. Hopefully it'll be a fruitful/veggieful summer for us!
Hubster was very sweet and got be a bunch of big barrel pots to plant in this year - so I don't have to worry about Georgia pulling up my plants.

Speaking of Georgia....she is currently at home playing with her cousin pooch Jasper the Bassett Hound. He's been visiting for a couple of days and she drives him NUTS by climbing all over him and licking his face. I've had to seperate them a bit so the poor guy can get some rest. She just LOVES on him.
The one thing I have noticed is that they walk SO WELL together. It's great!

I updated my book list since I've read a few since I last updated...
I'm just here, doing my thing, working, loving on the puppy and the hubster - getting ready for summertime. Hope all you readers (if there is anyone left) are doing well. I'll be back, I promise!

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Kathleen said...

Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for reading my blog! Its neat to know there are people I don't know reading things I write!! Have a lovely day, and enjoy your warm weather (we've had snow here).

Kathleen in Alberta