Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally, the bday post is up! that over 2 weeks have gone by since my Georgia's puppy birthday - I finally got around to posting pics!
Since my parents and my brother and his crew were all coming over (with their dogs) - we decided to keep it simple and made a big giant salad and ordered a big giant pizza - and when I say Giant...I mean FRICKING HUGE.
Look is EXACTLY the same width as my dining table. Hubs had to put the seat flat in the back of the car to get it in...and I'm not even kidding you when I say that we barely got it through the front door. Biggest pizza I've ever seen....and only $33! This sucker fed 6 hungry adults and 3 kids and we still had plenty of leftovers. If you look in the picture can see the size of the slices compared to the plates - yeah, they didn't exactly fit. It was pretty funny. Especially when the kids walked in and saw the box - they said "WHOA! That's the biggest pizza I've ever seen!"
(gotta tell ya, that pizza is looking pretty tasty right about now)
My put-martha-stuart-to-shame wonderful sister in law and neice even made party hats for all the dogs!

Complete with names - Jasper - Georgia - and cute is THAT?
Course we had to try it on, but my mom had to hold her so I could get a picture

I wanted to get a picture of all three dogs wearing their hats - but it just wasn't meant to be...they were too excited about the cupcakes. Yes, hubster made them CUPCAKES. Peanut butter and carrot with whipped cottage cheese frosting. finger licking awful...

The funny thing is - when hubs went to frost the cupcakes...we noticed a couple of bites missing - and we surmised that possibly the kids decided to partake and then thought otherwise - which makes me laugh and laugh...because I can imagine the look on their faces when they realized it wasn't exactly tasty.

The dogs LOVED them though - and inhaled those things. Big hit for hubster!

Here is Libby, happy as a clam about her cupcake:

Although I didn't expect it - Georgia was even brought GIFTS...

Which hubster sat with her and opened...and found TREATS! and TOYS and all sorts of goodies:

(ha-ha - she's so black in this picture that you can't even see her face)

Here's Jasper looking on saying "hey, I want thome of thothe!"

And so we taught Georgia about sharing....and hubster got surrounded just like at little kids birthday parties...

It was a fun night! We put the cats in our bedroom so that we could leave the backdoor open and so there were dogs running in and out and kids running in and out and it was chaos everywhere....and soooo funny.

Georgia passed out after they all left and we found her sleeping with her new lizard toy

I know...I think we may have too much time on our hands - but she's our baby for now and we love her to pieces :)


anjie said...

TOO friggin' adorable!!

Kathleen said...

That is one giant pizza!

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