Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cooking right along...

I CANNOT get enough fruit into this body of mine. Grapes are my main thing...fresh from the fridge, crisp and cold. Watermelon too - cold and juicy. Everything has to be cold and fresh. I can't eat room temperature grapes - they gotta be COLD. So wierd. I'm just thankful that I'm craving something healthy....let's hope it stays that way! I'm at the point where I feel like I can't suck my stomach in anymore - all my clothes fit fine, I just walk around feeling like I have bad posture or something...very bizarre. Last weekend, I had my first "oh crap, I'm gonna puke" moment. We were in Petco with our dog, and we walked past this group of young men...I was hit with this WAVE of STENCH - it was BO. My eyes watered and I hightailed it to the back of the store where I paced around going "don'tthrowupdon'tthrowupdon'tthrowup" while taking big gulps of non-b0 filled air. Oh man, it was HORRIBLE. Course hubs smelled it, but he goes "it wasn't THAT bad". Oh yeah? to my incredibly sensitive nose, it smelled like that unwashed manboy had crawled right up my nostril and rubbed his stench into all my nose hairs. In that moment, it was the worst smell ever - and I COULD have tossed my cookies, but I refrained. Later on that same day, I went to my parents house to feed their dog and the same thing happened when I opened the can of dog food. I got hit with this wave of worst smell ever and I had to actually put the can down and go outside for fresh air to avoid losing it. I actually held my breath and forked out that food faster than you can blink an eye because I really didn't think I could handle it for another second. So wierd how pregnancy makes your senses so much stronger. Stuff like that would normally only make me flinch...not go running away with tears in my eyes. I'm 9 weeks along and we have our first doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hubs is taking the day off work so he can be there to meet Doc and we're HOPING to hear a heartbeat. We've been told it's still early, so we may or may not hear it - but we're really hoping because it'll be rare that hubs can take a day off for my appointments. I'll be doing most of them by myself. Please everyone, keep your fingers and toes crossed for a heartbeat tomorrow!

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