Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Going Overboard

Yesterday...I stopped at our local fruit/veggie stand, and I bought $26 worth of stuff. I don't think I've ever spent that much there before.
I bought:

A big watermelon
8 large nectarines
10 kiwi
1 giant bag of grapes
6 bananas
8 zucchini squash
1 canteloupe
1/4 flat of strawberries (3 of those little green baskets full)
1 big basket of cherries
1 small basket of blackberries

I went home and made a huge bowl of fruit salad so I could keep it at work and nibble off it for the next couple of days. Or at least that's what was SUPPOSED to happen. Let's just say that by 5pm yesterday, my head was practically inside the empty bowl licking the juice off the sides. Hubby came home yesterday and saw all the bags of fruit sitting on the dining table and just looked at me...he goes "daaaang, you really ARE craving fruit aren't you?"
ummm, ya THINK?

I mean, I like fruit as much as the next gal...but I NEVER eat it like this. It's incredibly bizarre.

I haven't been to the actual grocery store in a while - mainly because getting myself to work and back home is about all I can muster...and I hate grocery shopping anyway. SO last night, at about 7pm...I was trying to think about what to have for dinner...and I ended up scrambling some eggs with some sliced up zucchini, some chopped leftover turkey linguica, and some shredded cheese. OH DAMN was it good! I just whipped it up hoping it would be good, and it was not only good, it was pretty healthy too. Eggs GOOD, Squash GOOD, turkey linguica? not GREAT...but much healthier than regular linguica, shredded cheese EH, but I need the calcium since I'm not a milk drinker.

I've been sticking with water and crystal light these days. I have a diet soda on occasion - but I've cut out coffee completely which has been SO FRIGGIN HARD. Especially since I'm still walking early in the mornings. BUT, I feel good about all the water I've been drinking, and my skin shows it - I'm all glowy and stuff.

Okay - my appt is in about 2 hours...I'm feeling kinda anxious and not sure why. Maybe because this whole baby thing will be so much more REAL after the doctor confirms everything? And if we can hear the heartbeat? Ay-yi-yi...that's so REAL. I've been kinda floating around in this cloudy, foggy version of myself. People ask me about the pregnancy and I'm always caught a little bit off guard...or they talk about the baby itself and I'm kinda like "huh? I can't think about that yet...still processing the positive test at this point!" But today - a doctor will look at me and poke and prod and examine me and will treat me like a PREGNANT PERSON. That's just weird. This is all quite hard to comprehend at this point....and alot of people seem surprised that I feel this way. Most people say "oh, but it's such a beautiful thing, a precious baby" - and in my mind, I'm still kinda freaked about the whole thing. I'm living in a realm of surreal.

You know, I just looked at the calender, and my due date being March 24th is the day after Easter. HUH.


t said...

there, there....i'll be in denial with you...we won't talk about it and pretend it isn't there....NOT! You're going to be fine, and it's totally ok to freak out, if i was you, i'd be freaking out.

Lori said...

That fruit sounds good!! Dont deny yourself. I hate grocery shopping too! Its such a hassle.
Call me dense but what is turkey linguica? Or rather what is linguica? haha