Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sooo - let's see, what's new?
I'm about 13 weeks along now...all my pants and skirts are uncomfortable and annoying...I sort of just WOKE UP with a belly last week, which is wierd - I thought it was still too early for that...and I'm hoping there is only ONE kid in there. (I know twins are cool and everything, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for that job...) I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we'll be listening for a heartbeat so that will be exciting. It'll be nice to know that everything is okay in there. I already feel oddly protective of this little critter and I find myself constantly putting my hand on my belly. I'm thinking I should start doing some belly shots so I can see just how massive I get...hahaha - this is going to be a wild ride. I'm no skinny minny as it is...add a kid to the mix and I feel like I might just topple over forward.
This whole thing has gone so smoothly so far, I feel incredibly blessed. I still haven't gained any weight...still craving fruit - although now it's all about apples - no morning sickness. I'm heading into the 2nd trimester, or the "golden trimester", and I've already noticed my energy level improving, and my dizzy spells have gone away - which is AWESOME because those were a real pain.
This weekend will be a challenge for me because we'll have all 3 of our neices for a couple of days. I love those girls to pieces, but they run us ragged. At 8, 6 and 2...they are so full of energy!

Allright, enough baby/kid talk...

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before...but I did a little barrel garden this year. I planted sugar cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, yellow crookneck squash, and zucchini. I also attempted to sprout seeds for different kinds of melons and peppers and peas...but I failed miserably. My seed sprouts became death row rather quickly as they need to be "tended to" daily - and...well...my lazyness takes over for any plant that needs daily care.
BUT - my early girl tomatoes took off like wildfire and before I knew it, I had a HUGE and wonderful green and leafy plant with noooooo tomatoes on it. My other tomatoes were just growing very slowly and not really doing much either. My squash was pretty much doomed from the start. I had a couple days of hope for them, but eventually they succumbed to my black thumb and have all but shriveled up and died.
So finally about mid-summer, I noticed I had some green tomatoes on all my plants. I kept looking and looking and nothing was happening. I moved the plants around thinking maybe they needed more sun...but nope, nothing happening
FINALLY last week - I had tomatoes starting to turn red! Sunday I had my first big harvest (and did I take a picture? NOPE - because I suck) and I filled a big bag with big red tomatoes, little sweet cherry tomatoes and yummy yellow pear tomatoes...and I sent them all home with our friends. What IS IT about homegrown tomatoes that are so much better than storebought? They have an entirely different flavor - it's completely amazing to me. I've stood out there watering them and just found myself picking and eating little maters right off the vine. The. Best.
I feel like inside me there is this little farm girl in an apron and a straw hat who loves to garden, and enjoy the fruits of her labor...but she gets beat down by the lazy, tv watching bum I really am.
Speaking of tv...is anyone else as excited as I am for all the season premiers??? Greys, the new Private Practice, Survivor, Kid Nation, ANTM, etc, etc, etc....
I can't figure out how I enjoyed this time of year before I got a DVR - because that thing is a LIFESAVER. Seriously, if you don't have one...get thee a DVR pronto!

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