Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sinking in

Hmmm....allright - so it's just a little bit more real now...

Have a listen:

We were on our way home from the doctor's office and reality sort of gripped me right in the throat for a moment. All this time I think I easily could have convinced myself that I've been making all this up somehow. Tired? that's easy...not enough sleep - Clothes not fitting? Too many Doritoes! Feeling weepy and emotional? hellllooooo period.

But now? Now that some doctor let me hear a "WAHWAHWAHWAH" sound (kinda reminds me of the teacher on peanuts, ha!) and actually said "That's your baby!"

whoooooooooaaaaaaaa...hold the phone. Wee bit too much reality for me today.

I've gained exactly 1 pound...which is pretty sweet - because in all honesty...I could have taken an extra gulp of air before stepping on that scale and it would have made a difference. I can SMELL a cheeseburger and gain 5 pounds, no joke.
Doc says all is going well, it was a good strong heartbeat - and they'll schedule me for an ultrasound in 5 weeks.
Every day that I wake up feeling good I am grateful because I know alot of people who's pregnancies have not been so easy.

While we were waiting...this woman and her husband came in - she waddled in I should say. This tiny itty bitty little thing with this HUUUUUUUUUGE Belly. She sat down and she and the lady next to her started talking - and I heard her say that she was due on Sept. 11th. Holy Moly...that's 8 days overdue - and she looked it. She looked like she just wanted to lay down get that kid O-U-T. Poor thing.

Okay *shiver* , moving on...

Last Sunday, I fell asleep on the bed in the afternoon, and I was starting to wake up when I hear hubs walking down the hall, only to find this:

Yes folks, that would be our DOG and our most alpha male CAT sleeping butt to butt snuggled up against me. I find it interested how the one cat we thought would have the most problem with our sweet puppy has actually taken to her the most. I mean seriously - they're SLEEPING together. And not just that, but Tweak is actually on his back in quite possibly the most relaxed position I've ever seen him. Suuuure, they may act like they're mortal enemies - but now we know the truth. Don't ever let anyone tell you that cat's won't adjust to a new family member because THIS is living proof.


Amanda said...

OMG You're having a BABY!!! Too cool... I could hear you and Mark at the end of the recording too. How'd you get that btw?
Too cool. Love you girl.

Nawel said...

Awwwww.... I miss that sound!!! Isn't it the best?? So funny - I was relating to nearly every word on your blog - how that heartbeat makes everything SO REAL in just an instant. That nervous feeling like maybe you're just bloated and symptomatic for some other weird reason. LOL... I'm so happy for you, girl! Enjoy the sound of the galloping horsies in your belly for 183 more days!!!! =)