Friday, November 09, 2007

More sleep please!

Allrighty...we finally completed the daunting and tedious task of making our first offer on a house. We signed and initialed so many papers last night, I think I have carpal tunnel now...and we very well may have just given up our first born and thrown a donkey or two into the mix. We asked a lot more questions, and stumbled upon some pretty WEIRD laws they have out there now about disclosing information about a house...most likely because some jackass decided to sue somebody once upon a time over the lamest thing.
We went really, really low on our offer, so I will drop into a dead faint if she actually accepts it...but we figured we'll never know if we don't ask right? All she can do is counter with another offer and we'll go from there. We'll find out for sure by 5pm this Saturday!
With all this potential house buying and potential moving and "OH-MY-GOSH what are we going to do with all our stuff" thoughts piled into our heads...both hubs and I are flipping and flopping around in bed like fish out of water pretty much all night long. I do it anyway purely out of being uncomfortable and having to pee 48963 times a night - but tack on a load of brain activity and it's gonna be a sleepless night.
When I first got to the point where I couldn't sleep on my stomach, I had a heck of a time finding a comfort zone...I used at least 3 pillows trying to wedge myself into a good position. But regular pillows are so big and awkward that it just wasn't working out. At this point, I was commiserating with a fellow pregnantier and she recommended a snoogle.

People...I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend:

Once I met Snoogle...I started sleeping LIKE A BABY. I still get up to pee - but it gives me a perfect opportunity to take some Tums, guzzle some water, and flip this sucker around to my back instead of my front. This goes on all night long - but I sleep so soundly with this pillow, I fell in love with it after the first night. Hubs even wants one - he tries to steal it! And the cats all love it too, in fact I woke up last night around 2:30am and Tweak was huddled on the snoogle and leaning up against my stomach purring like a rusty motor.
All that being said...and despite my snoogling - my last couple of nights have been awful! The first night of bad sleeping I woke up at midnight and I was instinct made me fling myself out of bed and I coughed and hacked like I've been smoking for 100 years. Hubs woke up and freaked out and jumped up to get me some water...and after a while I finally calmed down. Seems like heartburn and acid reflux was doing a number on me. I propped myself up with pillows and after it happened several more times, I had a fitful night of sleep trying to stay upright enough so it wouldn't make me cough. Same thing happened last night and it's making me crazy. Luckily I have a doctor's appt on Monday so I'm definately going to ask what's up with THAT...mama needs her sleep!!
I've totally flaked on walking in the morning because of all this not sleeping business. I only made it ONE day this week, which sucks.
I wonder if I'm eating too much food, too late at night or something? Hmmm, it definately couldn't be all the leftover Halloween candy that I've been cramming into my piehole...and most likely not the 4 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch I had throughout the day yesterday, noooooooo.
I think apples are taking a backburner these days to cereal - I love me some cereal!
Happy Friday everyone...

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