Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 months

Yesterday, we had AJ's 15 month check-up. It's kinda blowing my mind that we've reached this point already. Sometimes he looks like such a little man to me, so grown up and toddler-like. But most of the time, I see this tiny little boy walking around and I think "he's waaaaay too small to be walking". It just doesn't look natural somehow. He's a big boy, but still a baby to me.
He's so much fun nowadays, with the walking and chattering in his own little language. Sometimes when he "talks" to me he even gestures with his hands all dramatic like he's telling this great story. Absolutely hilarious.
Here are his stats:
23.4 pounds (30th percentile)
30 1/2 inches tall (25th percentile)
Head is still off the charts big...(95th percentile)
He can say:
momma (although he only says it when he's pissed off)
daddy (also says dada sometimes)
doh-da (his version of georgia the pooch who by the way is his best friend ever...especially since she recently discovered that he knows how to throw a tennis ball)
abby (his cousin who apparantly has the easiest name for him to say)
yeah (as in "AJ wanna snack?" - "yeah, yeah, yeah!")
He can also point us out in pictures - like if we show him a picture of us and say "where's daddy?" he'll put his chubby little finger right on hub's face.
He eats pretty much anything we give him, and I'm trying to enjoy it before he changes his mind and gets particular.
He loves:
String cheese
ANY kind of fruit...but mostly bananas, blueberries and strawberries
scrambled eggs
Quiche (I buy the trader joes ones)
macaroni and cheese
He loves drinking out of a straw and from a regular cup...but hasn't figured out how to keep the liquid IN the we stick mostly with sippy cups at this point.
He's got a mouthful of teeth, his incisors finally broke through and are almost completely in - all he needs are his 2 year molars. Oddly he doesn't seem to mind us brushing his teeth, he laughs and giggles while I do it - and the he likes to do it himself...independent little man.
I love that he's learning things...he's even starting to recognize colors, which is very cool.
He LOVES his books - he'll sit and flip through books for quite a while and sometimes he'll read his little story to himself, muttering and mumbling.
We are definately entering the land of tantrums. When we take something away or don't let him go where he wants, he pitches a fit. But luckily, he's easily distracted and it doesn't last long...for now. He's extremely stubborn and strong willed and now that he can run on his little ham legs, we have a hard time keeping him contained. It's definately getting harder to take him places in public. The season of our lives right?
This picture cracks me up because he'd just had a fit about about something and hubs DARED to smile for the camera
All in all - a great checkup!


Natalie D said...

This was really fun to read and see what to expect - but I don't want him to grow!!

Kelly said...

Loved the update! I can picture the whole thing... we're pretty much at the exact same place as Adam. The running around, wanting "down" rather than in a highchair or a stroller in public. The crying when we don't get our way. Yup, sounds familar.

The boy is HANDSOME! Love his squishy little face!

Kim and Brian said...

Super cute video. I love the laugh where not much of a laugh comes out cause they are sooo excited. Kara does the same thing.
Kara just hit 9 mos old the other day and we weighed her in at 22lbs!!!! Only 1.5 behind your little man. She's always been a monster :)


samantha said...

He IS small! At Theo's 15 month check up he's 30 pounds, 34.5 inches tall and a melon almost 20" around.

I'd pay big money to see these two stand next to each other OMG.

And his face in the last photo is BRILLIANT~