Sunday, May 02, 2010

A day at the museum...

Since Adam's actual birthday fell on a weekday...I decided I wanted to do something different then our normal working-from-home-maybe-take-a-trip-to-the-park thing.   So I took him to the kid's museum in SLO...just me and him!
It was really nice to just hang out with my kid and PLAY. 

My attempt at a nice mother and son portrait....giant FAIL

OKAY, so this next part absolutely cracks me up.  My son's klepto side kicked in once again at the outdoor water exhibit.  See, they have all these rubber ducks floating in water out there.  And Adam was a man, with a plan...
Heading off with an armfull of ducks...
FOUR ducks to be precise
More ducks!   Running with GLEEEEEEE
The end result...FIFTEEN DUCKS...AH-AH-AHHHH
(okay, is that look on his face just priceless or what?)


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! look at that face with those ducks!priceless..
Can you believe he is TWO!?? where have the years gone. they are almost driving. haha

Jordanna said...

Great Pictures!! Looks like lots of fun. I can't wait until Hudson is old enough to be interested in stuff!

I laughed at your mommy-son portrait...I try that all the time and to this day don't have a nice one!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave on my weight loss blog!