Sunday, May 02, 2010

Easter Catch-Up

I know Easter was a month ago, but I didn't realize we had these pictures until now, so figured I'd do a quick post.   One of my neices got sick, so instead of going to their house as planned, we ended up at my parents house with our friends Ashlee and Jason and their two little boys.  Landon is 2, just about 5 months older than Adam...and Levi is their newest addition, he's just about 6 weeks in these pictures.
We quickly hid our eggs (collection of real hardboiled, and plastic filled) and of course hubs found some interesting places to put them:
This would be achieved by stabbing the bottom of the egg through a metal rod...good job hubs

The boys were HILARIOUS running around with their eggs, and even funnier was us parents trying "help" them. 
This is Landon, although it's hard to tell because he and Adam have the same hair!

Georgia's all "hey, whatcha got?"
At this age, they didn't really seem to get it - although Landon was a bit more savvy about the concept and knew to pick up the egg and put it in the basket. 

Mine just became the egg klepto running around trying to carry them all instead of wanting to give them up for the basket. 
I think at one point he was holding FOUR eggs...not an easy feat for those chubby little hands!
Every time we tried to get him to give em up, he'd shriek and run away...until he found another egg and then we'd hear the certain smacking sound a hardboiled egg makes when it's been chucked onto the asphalt for another.  The dogs were thrilled!
It was soooo cute to see our boys egg hunting together...I've known Ashlee my entire life, so it's very surreal sometimes to see our KIDS playing.
Seriously, from the back, they look like the same kid.  Ash - we should dress them alike and see how many people think they're twins!  
After that, since it was cold and not-so-great outside...we headed in for some food and some baby gazing. 
I love this picture...something about my dad's hand in there...

And this one is kinda blurry, but he's SMILING!  or it was that fart he was pushing out...
Then is was mom's turn...
And well, that was our Easter!   a month ago...
I just realized that none of these pictures showed Landon's face!   So I'll post a couple others I snapped 
Such a cutie :)   See ya Tuesday buddy!

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Anonymous said...

Awhh. thanks for posting those pics!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time... seeing adam throw one egg (not just throw but touchdown style throw) his egg on the ground to pick up another one. LOL
PS i gotta send you a picture of both husbands passed out on the couch after dinner