Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy day and Beach Fun

Last Thursday was a busy and fun day.  First thing in the morning we had a visit from our friends Kelli and her daughter Addison.  Kelli is due any day now with a baby boy, so we've been trying to get together often in the hopes that the kids will wear each other out and Addison will nap so Kelli can rest.  I put on a CD of kid songs and Adam and Addison proceeded to have a little dance party on the sofa

Shortly after they left, my neighbor stopped by for a visit with her new little man, he's so tiny and scrumptious, I just adore snuggling with him.  He always falls asleep on me, so she comes over when he's being particularly fussy, ha!  Isn't he precious?

And then my mom called...she and my dad had my three neices for a few days while my brother and sister in law were out of town - and they decided to hit up Avila Valley Barn and then the beach for the afternoon.  So, after I got my baby fix, we headed out to meet them at the barn.  Adam ran all over the place shouting "coo-coo's!" which is what he calls chickens.   (he calls chicken nuggets that too - which is kind of sick if you think about it...I wonder if he KNOWS) He always likes running from pen to pen and feeding all the critters out there.   And of course we had to get the requisite pumpkin and hay bale pictures

Finally, the beach!  I wasn't really prepared and didn't have swim trunks or anything for AJ, but I just doused him in sunscreen and called it good.  He had a BLAST.  He loves the water, so that's where we spent most of our time...
 and then the girls were able to drag him away to help build sand castles and play in Abby's "hot tub".

By the end of the day, he was stripped nekkid and running around on the beach with a sandy butt, and my mom trying desperately to get him to sit still long enough to snap a bare booty picture. (which I don't have copies of yet).  I threw him in the car with nothing but a diaper and we both jumped in the shower when we got home.  I think I washed about 5 lbs of sand from his ears and his butt crack! 
It was a great day - there is something to be said about that sun-sapped kind of tired you feel after a few hours at the beach...makes for some good cuddle time on the couch with my boy :)

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Joanna said...

What a fun day! I love days like that. Family and Friends and lots of activities (hopefully it meant he slept well, too :)

Avila Barn, already??? Yikes I need to get a move-on. I love that place but it can get crazy.

Sooooo???? What's the little man going to be for the big day???

I can't wait to see your bag. I think last year's was serisouly the best of the bunch