Thursday, March 31, 2011

Private moments

So once I became a mom...I quickly realized that doing almost anything bathroom related ALONE was a thing of the past.  Especially now, when Adam is too big to contain anywhere, but not big enough to leave alone - which is why I have to keep the bathroom door open when I'm doing my business.   Hubs is baffled at this act, but hey - a mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do.  I'd like to see how he handles pooping when he's in a house alone with a toddler.
Nine times out of ten this means that I might steal a few seconds alone but then inevitably Adam will follow me and start asking questions "whatcha doin mama?" - "hey mama, you got stinks?" - you get my drift.   It's awkward....and annoying that I can't poop in peace...but to avoid him running amok while I'm in there, it's what I gotta do.  I am the fastest pooper in the west.
Today, Adam was all involved in watching Max and Ruby (is anyone else annoyed that these bunnies seem to have NO parents whatsoever?) and I thought it would be a safe time for me to steal away and have a private pooping moment.  I actually took a chance and closed the door and took longer then 3.8 seconds....a relaxing poop if you will.  At least it was, until I walked out of the bathroom and realized that my sweet little angel was NOT sitting on the couch.  In fact I came upon this in the hallway...
And then I stepped into the kitchen and saw this:

Following the trail further into the kitchen:
Into the bin apparantly...
Further still into the laundry room....basket of CLEAN clothes (or at least they were)
Even the dog food bin got the wrath:

When I turned to go back into the kitchen, I found the culprit - completely oblivious and happy as a clam...

2 minutes in the bathroom = 1 hour clean-up

What - A - STINKER

* I know he needs a haircut, but I am lazy
**Hubs is in Chicago all this week for work - but today is his 35th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBS!!!!
We miss you so much, and we love you to bits :)


Kelly said...

Um, yeah. I totally agree with you on the private moments. No such thing.

Joanna H. said...

This totally just made my day, and it's only 7:00 am, ha! We share a jack n' Jill bathroom with our girls, so there is very limited privacy. Thankfullythough they are old enough to not get into anything....... Paige could care less and does her business with the doors wide on the other hand needs total privacy. they each take after one parent ;)

k said...

Everything about this post cracked me up as it involved poop, toddler hijinks (not at my own home), more poop, pictures.

Also, how absolutely precious is your little boy? Oh my lord.