Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip #3

To the ER that is!  Yes, hubs and I had one more trip to the ER with our boy last week.  3 times in one year, that should hold us for a while right?
This time was pretty scary.   He had a high fever here at home, although we felt like we couldn't get quite an acurate reading using the under the pit method, and he's so squirmy when taking it.  He was incredibly hot and once he started babbling incoherently, I thought he might be hallucinating - our parenting instinct kicked in and we headed to the ER. 
Ironically, we had taken him to the pediatrician that morning because both hubs and I have sinus infections, and Adam started to have a low grade fever and cough, so we decided to nip it in the bud - although murphy's law, he had no fever once we arrived, and they diagnosed him with a virus and sent us home with the whole rest/tylenol/benedryl cocktail of instructions.   That evening is when things took a turn for the worst, and when we got the ER around 11pm, his temp was 104!   So scary, hubs and I were very nervous.  We saw our poor lethargic kid lying in a hospital bed feeling like utter crap, and boiling hot to the touch.  That just sucked.
He's HORRIBLE at taking liquid meds, so they immediately gave him tylenol suppositories, to get the show on the road of bringing that fever down.  But then they tried to give him motrin in liquid form and learned firsthand what we meant by "he's not great at the medicine thing".  There was screaming and holding him down and spitting and choking.  It a word....AWFUL.  And then they had to do it again for an antibiotic. 
I was strong when I had to be - but when that part was over and my sick little boy crawled into my lab sobbing, I kinda fell apart.  Holding him down like that goes against everything in me...even if I know they're just trying to help him.  Plus, darn kid is STRONG!
They sent us home when he still had a 102.5 temp, so needless to say we didn't sleep much that night.  It spiked again around 4am, but after giving meds it went back down.  He held steady at a 101.5 fever for the next couple of days and then it finally went away.  Just a nasty virus I guess.
So there you have it - that's what we've been up to at the Thyphoid Mary House of ILL lately - hunkered down and hermity trying to get over all our sicknesses.  Hubs and I still sound like we're gonna cough up a lung any minute, and AJ is nursing a runny nose and cough still too.   This season has been the worst!

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k said...

Holy moses, you poor guys! I often think that having an older child, one is more aware/verbal/clear about what they don't like, is miles harder than having a baby in the hospital. Really. It sucked the life out of me seeing the older kids who had to be there when we'd go to visit Iris.

Well! That was a downer comment! Geez.

In other news, I TOTALLY wish we lived closer so that our boys could be friends. Pretty sure I can't woo you to the Midwest because our weather is heinous, but I would if I could.