Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Day, Another Haircut...

I know I've posted many haircut pictures before - but since alot of this blog is simply for me, so I can look back and say "awwwww" about my little man - I'm posting more haircut pictures.  This kid's hair grows like wildfire, seriously.

The "helmet" was making it's appearance again - and the bedhead was getting funnier and funnier, but he has refused to let me touch his hair lately, so it got a bit more out of control then usual - observe:
 Mid cheeze-it - ha!

 Eeeeh - whatcha doing ma?

Serious bedhead..and almost enough for a combover - OY

After about an hour of convincing and bribery with a lollipop and the movie Cars, he FINALLY let me snip away.  *one of these days I gotta learn how to use those clipper things because the comb/scissors method is testing his patience and something tells me it's not going to last much longer*
 There were a few times where he would get up and run around shouting "NO HAIR CUT!" - but I persisted and now he looks ready to carry a briefcase and attend a republican convention:

 Kinda wish I had lips like that!

 Everytime I cut his hair he just looks older to me...sob!
Especially when he wears our shoes...


k said...

You are AWESOME with a pair of scissors, woman! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

can I hire you to do L1???

2boymommy said...

Hi! I don't know how to comment back to people from my blog...
Check your local YMCA for preschool sports. Jason, our youngest is playing Tball this year and he will be 3 in May. Josh played Tball and Soccer last year when he was 3 too. Our YMCA has great preschool programs and I know Josh is so good at Tball because we started him to early. He is in Little League Tball now with our town's Park and Rec. You have to be 5 for that, but we snuck him in because his bday is during the season. Your little one would love it!!!

Anonymous said...

we are about due for an updated blog entry missy

Joanna H. said...

psst...I miss you ;)