Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It continues..

Friday I had to go back to my doctor because 5 days after finishing antibiotics for the sinus infection, I had developed a nasty, rattley cough and felt like utter crap.  "Virus" he said.  and I said "really?  again?  I've been sick since January, what the hell?" and he said "it's a bad season.  People just seem to be catching things over and over and over".
Apparantly the "virus" triggered my asthma, (which I havent' had issues with in about 6 years) so he gave me a couple of inhalers, one with steroids, and sent me on my way.
I got home that afternoon and a few hours later had a fever of 101.5, not bad, but bad enough to make me feel all shivery.  So I popped in a movie for Adam and curled up next to him under a blanket and dozed for the duration of the movie.  Fever broke, thought I was on the mend.
That night, I woke up with shooting ear pain.  I figured it was a symptom of the "virus" and popped some tylenol and put a hot compress on my ear.  It was a struggle to sleep that night, but at least Adam who was finally on antibiotics was sleeping peacefully.
Saturday morning, I woke up with clogged ears.  Like I was underwater.  Like everyone was talking to me through a brick wall.  Boy does that suck.
Shooting ear pain continues Saturday and Sunday and on my way to the airport to get hubs (yay!) on Sunday night, I notice white patches in the back of my throat.  I know that's a sign of strep, so I inwardly moan because I know this means I'm going back to my doctor on Monday.
Poor hubs came home to a MESS of a wife, but boy are we glad to have him back! 

So yesterday I went to the doctor and now it's confirmed.  I have strep and a double ear infection.
I'm now on two inhalers, nose spray, antibiotics, and I'm doubling up on Tylenol and Motrin for the ear pain.  My ears are still clogged and achey.
At least hubs gets to watch whatever he wants on TV because I can't hear the damn thing anyway, and I'm getting some reading done.  But I can also hear myself breathe, and swallow, and chew, which is just disgusting...and I'm annoying myself by the minute with the nasal breathing.  I'm like a bad date for my own self over here.

I think the phrase "This Totally Sucks" pretty much sums it up for me.


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k said...

Oh my. The hearing one's self eat and chew and heavy breathe is horrible. I always feeling like panting, drooling Labrador with colds like that.

(Hey! Doesn't that make you feel better! Lord.)

Anyway, I'm glad the hubs is back to help man the fort while you mouth breathe and medicate. Feel better super soon.