Sunday, October 02, 2011

As Requested...

Hair before...

I'm ashamed to admit that I had to search for this picture and it's almost a year my hair was actually longer then this when I cut it - but you get the was LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG.
(I donated it which is why I let it get so ridiculously long)

Hair after...

 I always feel like such an idiot taking pictures of myself...
 I really like it...although there are times when I wish my hair was long again so I could just braid it or throw it up in a clip.  It's harder to get out of the way when it's this short - but it seems to suit me.  Hubs says it matches my personality better...ha! 

This is our new house....this is a crappy picture of the place - but it's the first picture I took of it when I was sitting in my car waiting for our real estate agent...before we'd seen the inside (which was a disaster) and before we put in an offer.   Who knew a little over a month later we'd have the keys in our hand!

I have lots more pictures to share...but for now, here's the facts:

It's in Nipomo which is about 15 minutes south of where we live now.
It's on a cul-de-sac which we LOVE.
Most of the neighbors seem to be about our age with kids about Adam's age...awesomeness
It's 3 bedrooms/2 baths...and a 2 car garage which we are absolutely giddy about (no garage where we live now)
We spent all afternoon hauling CRAP out of the place because the previous owners left a ton of stuff behind (will snap a picture of the trash pile tomorrow)
and we have ALOT of work to do...painting, painting and more painting.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  New carpets, new flooring, new doors....blah, blah, blah.  It's a project house.  But we're just happy it's not a 2 bedroom 800 square foot shack like we almost bought 3 years ago for more money..ha!  

This house was sooooo meant to be.  I can't even explain all the little things that just fell into place...God seriously had plans for us to live here.  We are so excited...and so grateful.

Stay tuned!


Kelly said...

LOVE the new hair! So cute!

Look at the house! It's awesome! I know you have to put work into it... but it's YOURS!


2boymommy said...

I love your hair!!! Super cute. Congrats on the house... Nipomo is nice. I feel ya on paying more for a smaller house. Ready for this one... we bought our house for $580,000 over 5 years and are selling it for.....$236,000. So happy you found a great place!

k said...

LOVE the hair! Love love love.

Joanna H. said...

woo-hoo, love the sassy new do!!! And so excited for the new house :) Keep us posted!