Friday, October 07, 2011

Reaching out...

Hubs and I feel like our relationship started at a wedding.  Our dear friend Allison married the love of her life Nick (an Australian) on November 11th, 2000.....and my BFF (her sister) arranged it so mark and I would sit together at their reception.   If not for them, who knows if we would have gotten together!

Allison and Nick went back to Australia and started their life together and had two beautiful and sweet little girls.   We miss them a ton, but luckily they have been able to come to the states at least once a year and stay for weeks at a time to visit their family here.
At one point during their last visit here, Nick was able to go dirt biking with a friend in the valley - and unfortunately contracted valley fever which turned into fungal meningitis.  Of course they didn't find this out until he was back in Australia and very sick...and it took the doctors over there forever to figure out what it was.  He's been so sick and it's been very scary.  They are desperate to save his life at this point and feel that he needs treatment here in the states...except since he's an Australian (allison and the girls are american citizens) he would have no medical insurance.  
They have started a website to explain the situation and I wanted to share it so hopefully we can get him here and get him WELL.
We really love this guy and his family, and we simply can't imagine any outcome other then him making a full and complete recovery from this nasty illness.
There are 22 million people in Australia and Nick is the ONLY ONE there with this disease.

I have no idea how many people read this silly blog - but I felt it was worth a shot to post his story here.  God works in mysterious ways...and we are praying so hard that Nick will be healed!

Please send a shout-out to the Man upstairs for our dear friend Nick and his family!


k said...

Lordy. I can't even imagine.

k said...

Coming back to say that I posted the link on Twitter and asked others to RT, if possible.

Anonymous said...

thanks K xoxox - A3

Amanda said...

Thanks K xoxo love you