Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy day

Today was a school day for the little man (who recently turned FOUR....catch up on the next post!) - and as I was headed to pick him up it started POURING rain which is when I sadly realized that I had left our Georgia outside, poor pooch!
So we headed right home and although adam and I had big plans to work on our garden today after school - no such luck.  So I set him up on my computer so he could play his "games" as he calls them ( and easy stuff for kids).
I looked at this child sitting in my big ole chair at my desk and he looked so tiny.  Way too small to actually know how to use a mouse and play computer games by himself...and yet, there he is, happy as can be and doing it all on his own.   It's no wonder he knows how to use the ipod better then I do!

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2boymommy said...

Love Starfall! Isn't it crazy how well these kids can use a computer? My third graders are getting ipads next year and I have never even used one. I am sure they and my own kids will be teaching me how to use it.
and... 4?!?! They grow up too fast! Happy Birthday!