Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This says it all....

I will be back to tell our birth story - but in the meantime, you could say we are a tiny bit in love with our little girl...as is Adam.    Tonight I was getting his stuff together for school and he asked if he could bring a picture of his baby sister for sharing.   Can I just get a collective "awwww" for that one?

My heart is so full and I'm riding the after-the-baby-arrives hormone train of emotions.   Which basically means I cry.   Alot.

Until later...here are some pictures to tide you over :)

 (taking a hearing test)


2boymommy said...

Good job, mama! She's adorable!!

Kelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS! She is adorable! Can you even believe you have a GIRL??? Crazy. =) I do believe you're gonna need some bows!


Anonymous said...

chirp chirp.. crickets??? haha jk xoxo