Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I still suck...

and I'm still here. Sometimes it's wierd because I'll THINK about blogging and then I'll get sucked into whatever I'm doing here at work and I'll forget all about it. I like to write and I feel better when I can clear all the crap out of my head, so I'm not sure what the problem is with the absent posts and all...

Okay, so we went on vacation which was fun, of course it's always fun to be away from work and the daily chores at home. We went to Venice Beach first...Doug didn't like it so much, but I love it down there. It's a FREAKshow, and I just love the freaks. Doug goes into what I call "city mode" in places like that - he makes sure I'm close to him at all times, and he's constantly looking around keeping his eye on things. I also call it "paranoid mode" but that has a tendency to produce a lecture on the evils of big crowds and all the hypothetical things that can go wrong. BAH
I was flitting around looking at all the hippie clothes and smelling incence and checking out the head shops and tattoo parlors...tra, la, la - completely oblivious to any possible danger. Doug does enough worrying for both of us.
The next day, we headed down to Anaheim to go to Disneyland. It was a Monday, and we probably would have had better luck on a Wednesday or something, but it was fun anyway, we missed a few rides...but we stayed until the park closed and then headed back to the hotel and ordered room service - aaaaaaah rooom that the best or what??

The next day we drove back to downtown LA to hit the art museums with my aunt and uncle. I completely got us lost and we ended up in a very questionable place called Echo Park...we totally could have scored some drugs there. HEH
I told Doug that there is no way we would ever make it on the Amazing Race because I am so directionally challenged - and he is so anal about doing all the driving. The only time he lets me drive is when he wants to sleep...the hypocrite.
We finally found the place, and honestly, I learned more about art in 3 hours with my aunt and uncle, then I ever did in ANY of the art classes I took in school. They ROCK when it comes to that kind of uncle was an art professor, so he knows his stuff - as well as my aunt who is just naturally very knowledgable...and they have a cool appreciation for all the modern stuff, and can explain things to me so I understand it instead of looking at some trash sculpture and thinking "shoot, I could clean out one of our closets and make that SAME peice - where's MY million dollars"

We stayed with them for a couple of days, and after that, we went to Palm Springs where it was hotter than HELL itself. 113 degrees? Yeah, that's too hot.
I ended up getting a cold because of all the air conditioning...but we did get some good R and R - and Doug got to go to an old WWII airplane museum...very cool.

Let's see - back home on Sunday, and back to work on Monday (for me anyway, hubby had monday off - lucky!)

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T said...

So after a very long hiatus from blogging, i'm finally reading about the vacation....woooohooo! i'm totally loving vacations too....

But what about Newt?