Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Stinging Please!

Yesterday I stopped in at my parents house to drop off a tape of "Into the West" that I had taped for my dad.
I was sitting on the couch chatting with my mom, when my dad came into the living room and motioned for me to follow him.
"You've got to see this" he said
I got up and followed him down the hall, through their bedroom and out the sliding glass door to the backside of the house. He pointed up towards the roof. I looked up and saw a HUGE yellowjacket nest.
I said "WHOA! COOL!" and dad says "ummm, I wouldn't move too quickly if I were you"

It was the neatest thing - they had made it out of PAPER. Dad said he'd been watching them for the last couple of months, and they would fly over to the fence or the woodpile and eat the wood and mix it with their saliva and plaster it onto the nest. It looked like a big paper maiche (or however the fuck you spell that) ball. But it's really pretty, kind of gray colored with swirls of white and actually looks like a chinese lantern.

So I said "Dad, you've just left that thing here for 2 months? Isn't that dangerous?"

and he said "well yes, but I don't know how to get rid of it..."

and I started laughing because I was picturing that guy on the commercial who was trying to knock down the bee's nest with his buddy holding the trash can open...and then he falls off his ladder and all hell breaks loose?

Mom walked out then and was watching it with us. She said "your father wants to get rid of the yellowjackets but save the nest, I can't figure out why"...

Dad and I looked at each other and said in unison "because it's COOL!"

He elbowed me and we laughed together as we watched mom shake her head and say "you two are asking for trouble"

I'm gonna have to do some research on how to get rid of that thing and if possible not ruin the nest.

I'll try to get up there with my camera next time so that I can post a picture of it.

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Joyce said...

I knew someone who had a vacated one, no idea how that was done, hanging in her kitchen. She had found it in a tree and it was about two feet from the top to bottom.