Friday, July 15, 2005

Quirks of a hubster

Hubster has one DISTINCT quirk at bedtime.
He cannot and will not sleep if the blankets are not perfectly laid across the bed. No wrinkling, or tangled blankets allowed.
Now...I am a mover and a shaker when I'm sleeping. I'm constantly tossing and turning and putting my feet in and out of the blankets...sometimes one entire leg will be out and slung over hubster...I move constantly...and the blankets have a tendency to get a bit...well...messed completed disarray - however you want to call it.
So, last night, I was already in bed and hubster crawled in next to me. The blankets were okay, but they weren't perfect...and he was tossing and turning behind me...and I started giggling. He goes "what?"
and I kept on giggling...right about the time that he started kicking his legs wildly trying to smooth the blankets without having to get out of bed.
Again he grunts "WHAT?"
and I said "in about 2.7 seconds your going to be out of bed and redoing the blankets on this bed"
and he goes "no, no...I got it"
and again starts kicking his legs wildly trying to fix the blankets...

About 1.5 seconds later he is up and out of bed and taking all the blankets off and putting them all back nice and smooth.

I just laid there laughing at him...

and yet, he got into bed and fell fast asleep once the blankets were fixed...he even started snoring in the middle of us talking...
I swear, smooth blankets are like valium to him - I've never met anyone who can fall asleep so fast.

That is, as long as the blankets aren't messed up.


Amanda said...

What a nut!


t said...

more like a freakin' wingnut !