Friday, July 15, 2005


I've been messing with this site a bit, trying to figure out how it all works...and I have yet to post any here goes...

This is our oldest cat Tweak:
He was kinda pissed when I took this picture because I interrupted his 13th nap of the day. He's the Patriarch of all 3 cats and the one who's been with me for the last 6 years - BEFORE hubster. Very calm and protective and PATIENT. If he's hungry, he will just sit by his food bowl until one of us happens to walk by and notice him. He's great with kids, and he has his moments where he turns back into a kitten with his playful side. He doesn't like people who are scared of him (he's HUGE) and like to antagonize our friends and family with his staring intimidation tactics. He's my buddy and will always cuddle with me as long as hubster and the other cats are nowhere to be found.

And this our middle cat Jackson:

He's kind of the red-headed stepchild of the bunch. He originally belonged to our neighbor, but decided he liked us better...and before we knew it he was sleeping in our bed and standing on our chest at 4:30am whining for some kitty lovin. He has since turned into a total daddy's boy and whines and cries and paces on the bed whenever hubster is getting ready to leave for work. He also sits in the window waiting for him to come home, and I always know when hubster is home because I'll hear the loud Jackson whine. I swear he's saying "Daddy! My DADDY! oh boy, oh boy my daddy's home!". He is a big cuddler and his favorite thing to do is take a nap with hubster during the daytime.

And finally, we have TINY:
He has mastered the art of being "The Baby" of the family and is spoiled beyond belief. He is a major mama's boy, and will whine and cry until I pick him up and put him on my shoulder, where he'll immediately start purring. I swear, sometimes it's like having a baby who doesn't want to be put down. He's very curious and HATES when doors are closed anywhere in the house. He also loves furry mice and for some reason likes to drown them in the water bowl. I'm telling you, every day we find a different furry mouse in either the food bowl or the water bowl. He is very playful, and yet a very good cuddler (only with mama) and both hubster and I think that no matter how old he gets, he's always be The Baby.

So there you have it - introduction to our 3 "kids"...hope this whole picture posting thing works the way I want it to :)

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