Monday, July 25, 2005

Good weekend..

This weekend was nice. On Friday night, we ended up at my parents house so I could help them hook up their new computer...and halleluiah they are FINALLY ONLINE. We hung out with them for a while, had some good food - and headed home. Saturday, I slept in until around 10am...caught up on some taped tv shows and proceeded to do as little as possible until mark came home. We headed to AJ and CC's to hang out with them and the kids and to eat dinner. It was really great to have some playtime with the kids and some quality time with my brother and CC. We then went home and watched a couple episodes of The Sopranos, since we love that show and we're trying to get ourselves caught up. We went to bed really late and woke up late the next morning. Lounged around the house reading and being generally lazy, and then headed to SLO to meet up with my parents for the movie Cinderella Man...which was FANTASTIC.
After that, we hit up Applebee's for some appetizers and dessert (half off appetizers during happy hour! wooo!) and then home.
All in all, a great weekend since we got to catch up with family that we hadn't seen in a while (even though we all live in the same town) and also very relaxing and nice. Of course we didn't get a darn thing done around the house, but sometimes it's nice to just be lazy together :)
If there's one thing we're good at, it's lounging and lazying. We might as well enjoy it while we don't have kids eh?

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