Monday, July 18, 2005

Movie Mishap...

Okay, so despite the fact that we didn't care for the movie...
I thought I'd share some funny things that happened:

First of all, we were in line getting popcorn and a soda and noticed that they have COMBOS now - we chose the one that was 1 large popcorn and two medium drinks. Except that we realized it was $14.95...and so we decided to share one medium popcorn and one medium drink instead. So the pimply kid behind the counter says "you can upgrade to a large on both items for 50 cents"
and we said "great!"
We got the register and said "we got an upgraded #2!"
$10.95 - a GIGANTIC tub of popcorn - and a 2 foot tall cherry coke later, we were on our way into the theater...
We sat down and I put the soda in the cup holder...and started laughing because I swear the thing was so big, it practically blocked my view of the movie screen. I was terrified that I would knock it was so tall that you couldn't take it out of the cupholder and drink it - you had to leave it in the cupholder and just lean over and sip out of the straw. We actually had to RAISE our head to get the straw in our was that tall.
So anyway - we were waiting for the movie to start, and munching on popcorn and sipping on soda and hubster started laughing and said "dang, this popcorn is SALTY...I'm gonna be so bloated by the time I get out of here"
and I said "no kidding, I'm gonna go into diabetic shock from all this coke"
and he goes "yeah, so we'll both be found right here bloated and comatose after the movie - and when we wake up and people ask us what happened, we'll cry "WE UPGRADED!"
we crack ourselves up...
So then, a couple of teenage lovebirds squished in and sat right next to me and started yakking it up and giggling and nuzzling each other throughout the previews...the movie began and they still wouldn't shut up - so I got up and moved the other side of hubster which was right on the aisle.
I had smuggled some fundip candy into the theatre. You know, the kind that comes with two candy sticks and 3 flavors of sugar (think pixy stick substance) to dip into?
So I broke off one stick and handed it to hubster, and I took the other one and held the sugar packets in my hand, so that we could share.
In the meantime, another teenage kid comes and sits by himself at the seat right in front of me.
I was dipping the candy stick into the sugar and a piece of the stick broke off and flew out of my hit the seat in front of hubster...ricocheted off the seat and hit the kid in front of me square in the temple!
I swear, I watched in slow motion as the peice of candy bounced off his head and came to rest on a stair in the aisle.
He obviously thought it came from someone to the side and started looking around and shaking his head to make sure nothing was stuck in his hair...meanwhile, I was laughing SO hard and trying not to make ANY noise whatsoever, which is nearly impossible when you're laughing that hard. Hubster notices me laughing and goes "what happened to your stick?" which only makes me laugh harder....
I'm sure I looked as if I was having a seizure or something - and hubster had no idea what was going on - he was holding onto the giant soda and looking at me with bug eyes. I tried to whisper in his ear what had happened - but I gave up when he kept saying "what? what happened to your stick?"
which only made me laugh harder...

I eventually got ahold of myself and was able to watch the movie without any more mishaps. But when I was finally able to explain to hubster what had happened, he just looked at me and goes "I can't take you anywhere, can I?"


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