Friday, November 04, 2005

See? I TOLD you I would continue...

Okay, so from Crater Lake...we headed through the opposite end of the park and after driving many, many, many miles - we ended up in Roseburg, which is where our friend Kathy and her mom live.
We settled in for the night, watched an old movie (The Egg and I) and ate Abby's Legendary Pizza and fell asleep in the most soft and wonderful bed EVER. Kathy gave us her room and slept in the guest room because her bed is a king...and oh my LORD was it the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Hubster and I woke up in the morning at about the same time, and I heard his muffled voice say "you're gonna have to drag me kicking and screaming from this bed". hee!
After we FINALLY got up and dressed, we decided to go to a drive-thru wild animal safari that was about 10 minutes away. Only problem was, we wanted Kathy's mom to go too, since she'd never been...and she was at Walmart. So we piled into the car and stalked the Walmart parking lot until we caught a glimpse of her backing out of a space. We whipped around and followed her out of the lot and down the street to an intersection. We joked about how she had NO CLUE that we were behind her...and then somehow...I talked Kathy into getting out of our car and jumping into the passengers side of her mom's car. You know, to scare the poor woman to death.
So of course, Kathy gets out of our car, and the light immediately turns green...her mom takes off STILL not knowing that we're behind her...and Kathy hauls ass running into the MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION pounding on her mom's window to stop....
Meanwhile, Hubster and I are laughing so hard, we're about to pee ourselves.
Her mom stops, Kathy gets in, and we proceed back to Kathy's house....where I am prompty told that I am a BAD INFLUENCE because Kathy would NEVER have done anything like that before - especially at a busy intersection with tons of people watching.
I was still laughing about it and told Kathy it was a very proud moment for me.

ANYWAY - onward to the wildlife safari!

At first glance, this might LOOK like a giraffe in the middle of the road in front of our car:

and it is...they were so close, it was amazing!

As you can tell, I love me some giraffe's...and them kitty toes!

and THESE guys? It took every OUNCE of common sense not to just run out of the car and try to snuggle with them...I can't even explain how cute they were... check out the one that's face down in the water. He actually blew bubbles and did the motorboat thing, but I didn't catch a picture of it - I was to busy screaming "awwwwww! Hubby can I have one! I want a bear!"

We also saw Cheetah's and Tigers and Emu's and Camels and Monkey's and Snakes and all kinds of Deer and Elk and Zebra's and a Bald Eagle and Buffalo, etc, etc.

The one thing that was hiding was the HIPPO - I so badly wanted to see the hippo
Anyway, I would post all those pictures, but that would take FOREVER - so if you really want to see them, email me and I'll send them to you. Otherwise, use your imagination! hehe

From Roseburg, we then headed up I-5 through all kinds of towns...and once we got to Salem, we went East over to McMinneville. Which is a tiny little farming community that we fell in love with. But our sole purpose for going there was to see this:

You can't really tell from this picture, but this is the Evergreen Aviation Museum that contains the SPRUCE GOOSE...

It basically fills the ENTIRE museum, with smaller planes placed around underneath the wings. It's positively HUGE...

This is the Tail - which is actually 8 stories tall!

This is INSIDE - the cargo area of the Spruce Goose - pretty darn cool lookin:

I wandered around taking pictures of various planes, and then I realized that hubster wasn't behind me...guess where I found him?


More to come later...


Natalie said...

This is so weird - I started reading you about a year ago because I used to live in Hollister, CA and am always interested in bloggers in the Cali area. BUT I grew up in Medford and actually have a friend who lives on Queen Anne Place! So weird!! My brother lives in Jacksonville - right off the main street through town - right by the Peter Britt Festival area. I live in Portland, OR now - am curious to hear about the rest of your trip. What a weird small world!!! Let me tell you though - real estate in the Medford area - esp. Jacksonville & Ashland is crazy!! My understanding is that Eagle Point and Rogue River are still not so bad. --- Natalie

K said...

Oh Natalie, that IS wierd! We've actually discovered quite a few people from that area...and they all say the same thing you did about the prices. Of course, it ALL sounds good compared to here - the median house price where we live is $602k, so even a $300k house sounds good, even though it's still out of our reach.
Thanks so much for commenting!