Monday, November 21, 2005

Upon Request...

I sent an email to T the other day - and I've been told that I have to post it here as to allow other people to share in the stupidity of others:

I gotta wonder how people get through their day to day lives not having a brain cell in their head?

This girl calls me up and says "yeah, is this the place that takes PG & E bills and stuff?"
and I said "nope, sorry"
and she goes "are you sure?"
and I said "uh, yeah I'm very sure"
and she goes "well, I think you might be wrong, are you new there? Because I was told there is a copier place on grand that takes bills and you're a copier place on grand"
and I said "I've worked here for 8 years and I can guarantee you that we do not take bills here. I believe the place your looking for is called Dave's Copy and Fax"
and she goes "oh...allright...and you're not a part of that company?"
and I said "nope - they make copies, we sell and repair copiers"
and she goes "well can you give me their number please?"
and I said "we are not affiliated with them...I do not have their phone number"
and she ACTUALLY SAID "you don't? oh, you have a phone book?"
and I said "you know, how did you get OUR number?"
and she goes "I looked it up in the yellow pages"
and I said "well, if you look a bit further UP, you'll probably see Dave's Copy and Fax listed"
and she goes "I just closed the book, if you could look it up for me that would be great"
and I said "unfortunately, my yellow pages is in someone else's office...and I'm quite busy...I'm sorry, but you're going to have to look it up yourself"
and she goes "oh, well good job on the customer service - I won't be leaving any bills with YOUR company!"
and she slammed down the phone...

Oh girl, I laughed and laughed and laughed....hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Holy crap, I am so amazed at some people's ability to be complete DUMBASSES!


t said...

thank you for posting didn't seem to have the same impact the other night during South Park Dinner....but funnier than crap in writing! hehehehehee


I do have to say I loved hearing about it at Dinner......thought it was way funnier in person. Gotta have the what the hell look on your face in person.

Amanda said...

Someday she will win a Darwin Award