Friday, July 21, 2006

By Special Request

Allright, so I really didn't want to BOMBARD my readers with too many pictures of Georgia in all her cuteness - but since SOMEONE specifically requested more cuteness, who would I be to deny her?
You might remember that on the first day that we got our sweet pup - she was a bit funky (a la puppy le pew) so we attempted to give her a bath. I say attempted because from the moment we put shampoo on her, she began squealing and screaming as if we were pulling off her toenails one by of course being the suckers that we are, we stopped, and proceeded to pet her and whisper into her ear until she stopped quivering. In the meantime, we've been spritzing her with a special puppy spray that makes her smell like an odd mix of puppy funk and cherry jolly ranchers...
Recently we got her nails trimmed by a groomer because every time we would attempt it ourselves we would again be accosted by the "terror squeal" in which we AGAIN assumed that we must be hurting her...until we got to the groomer and realized that she's a BIG FAKER! And we are easily manipulated new puppy parents.
So now that we are in-the-know about her big fakeritis...we decided it was TIME FOR A BATH.
If any of you heard a mysterious howling and whining and squealing a couple of days ago - you can be assured that everything is fine, it was just our BIG GIANT FAKER pitching a holy fit because we dared to put her in the tub and scrub-a-dub-dub her stanky butt.

I was in there with her of course and hubster was taking pictures and laughing - is this not the most forlorn little face???

And of course there were MANY attempts to get out - some of which may have been prompted by the 3 cats that were hovering and snickering at her forlorness (is that even a word? who knows...)

Now some of you know that we've talked about getting a dog since practically the minute we met - and more specifically, hubster himself has always wanted a dog who is part of the family since his parents aren't really "into" the whole animal thing in general. So suffice it to say that Georgia is a MAJOR DADDY'S GIRL. The whole time she was in the tub, he would wince whenever she howled too loudly and tell me the water was too hot, or I was holding her wrong....while I just laughed because he's such a pushover for his little girl.

After we got her towel dried off - he grabbed her and gave her some love...

"Oh no, he's gonna kiss me isn't he???"

(no, the hubs does NOT wear lipstick - they just look really rosy in that bathroom light!)

"fine...I'll take it like a bitch....hmmmmphfffff"

After her bath, she was full of energy - I think all that dirt must have been weighing her down, because seriously? The water coming off of her was filthy - I felt bad for waiting so long. I'm tempted to call her pigpen from now on...I even had to bleach and scrub out the tub after her bath! Yes, it was THAT BAD.

I managed to snap a few more "quirky ear" pictures as well - I'm telling you , her ears couldn't match her personality any better - clumsy and all over the place...hee!

And look - these are the paws she'll be growing into...I have a feeling she'll be able to knock us over in one fell swoop once she's full grown (by the way, I typed that saying "one fell swoop" and it kept repeating itself in my head which prompted me to wonder where in the heck that came from. It's from Shakespeare's Macbeth...who knew??)

Later on, she passed out from all the activity of the evening - and of course I had to wake her up and bug her with my camera and that darn flash in her face ONCE AGAIN...


That's about all the cuteness I could muster up for today -hope it tides you all over until next week :)

Oh, and just a heads up?



I said NOW!


JessiferSeabs said...

Whew, I feel much better now. ;-)

I can't clip Gracie's toenails either - just wait until Georg is 70 lbs of bounciness... I take her to PetSmart, best 10 bucks I'll ever spend. ;-)

She is a cutie alright. Gracie graduated from doggie school last night, so we are very proud parents.

Jen said...

Oh, man, that was the best. The ears. The ears! Can't stop awwwwing...

(My dog Kylee is Gracie's sister, btw.)

Anonymous said...

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