Thursday, July 27, 2006

Something different and a hubster story

A couple of days ago, hubster and I noticed that Georgia looked different. She would look up at us from whatever toy she was chewing on, and she just looked DIFFERENT somehow. We finally figured out what it is, and took a bunch of pictures...does anybody notice a difference??


In other news, I've got a typical story involving hubster and my mom. Now, those two are hilarious - constantly ribbing each other and joking with each other. They talk on the phone constantly and hubster has no problem having long conversations with my mom. I love that.

So a few weeks ago, my entire family got invited to a wedding in Half Moon Bay. My parents and brother's family left on Friday - and hubster and I left on Saturday. So on Friday night, we went up to my parents house to feed their animals. I was toodling around feeding their dog, when I hear hubster say "mmmm! Cookies!". He found a ziplock bag of cookies that my mom had made sitting on the counter. He of course grabbed one and bit into it, only to discover that they were hard as a rock. He goes "what the.....what did she DO to these cookies?" - I just laughed and went about my business.

When I came back into the kitchen, I saw hubs standing there with an armful of bags full of cookies...and with a mischievous grin on his face he said "I found her stash!"

"you can't take all her cookies!" I said

"nobody's going to eat these things, they're hard as a rock...I'm takin em!" he responded

"hubs, they're not yours - you can't take them"

"oooooh no, I'm taking them...and I will be offering your mom a cookie at the wedding tomorrow"

I just laughed because this is the kind of thing that they DO...and shrugged figuring if he got in trouble, it was on HIS shoulders.

Fast forward to the following day - we're all dressed up and at the mom is holding my 1 year old neice Gracie, and we're all standing around waiting for someone to tell us what to do (it was an outdoor, very mother earthy type of wedding) - and hubster sidles up to my mom, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cookie...puts it in front of her face and says "wanna cookie?"
My mom just glances at it and goes "no thanks" (which is funny because she didn't even bat an eyelash that my husband had brought his own cookies to a wedding...hahaha)

Hubs goes "no...ummm...WANT A COOKIE?" and proceeded to make her look at the cookie a little closer...

She started laughing and said "HEY! you stole my cookies!"

She then told us how she had some of that already-made cookie dough, so she threw some cookies in the oven, but then overcooked them, and didn't want to throw them away (because mom doesn't throw ANYTHING away) so she crammed them in several bags and figured she'd deal with them when they came back home.

Gracie saw the cookie in hubster's hand and proceeded to screech until he gave it to her - which was funny because throughout the ceremony when she was done gumming down one peice of cookie, hubster would have to quickly pass down more peices to prevent her from screeching in the middle of the wedding...hee! They may have been hard as a rock, but Gracie didn't care!

My sister in law leaned over and whispered in my ear "I think your mom is the only one I know who could screw up ready-made cookies"


Later on, after the ceremony, I was chasing after my neices when I glanced over and noticed that there was a hubster's "nippular area". I walked up to him and said "uh, leaking or something?"

and he looked down and laughed and said "NO! it's from the cookie!!! hahaha"

The oil from the cookie had permeated his shirt and now he had what looked like a big wet circle on the front of his shirt. My mom said it was Karma...I said no, it's just hubster.

Later on during the reception, hubs was being a major smart ass about something and my dad and brother threatened to throw him in the pool...and weigh him down with sister in law raised her hand and said "um, we could always use your mom's cookies!"

Damn, she's good....HAHAHAHA

Fast forward again to the next day at my in-law's house. My entire family was coming over for a quick visit before we all headed for home...and hubster's parents had set out some munchies on the table. Hubster proceeded to get the stash of cookies from the car and place them all in a big bowl on the table. So what did mom see when she walked into their house? A big ass bowl of her burnt cookies...HAHAHAHAHA!

She laughed and turned red and said "I'm so embarrassed! I'm gonna get you!"

Payback is a bitch isn't it? I'm still waiting to see what she comes up can be pretty darn creative and SPICY when she wants to be!


Amanda said...

I don't see any differences!!
Her ears maybe??
What's different?

Amanda said...

No - it's that she's clean!

JessiferSeabs said...

Her ears!!!! She's growing into them and they are symetrical.

You'll be amazed how different she looks every day, yet how much she still looks like her sweet self. :-) When I look at Gracie, I can't believe how big she is, yet she still has the same sweet puppy face I fell in love with.

Anonymous said...

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