Thursday, July 13, 2006

Our Zoo

Georgia's ears are doing a funny thing sticks up and one folds over. We've been told that at her age, they'll probably stay like that unless we train them otherwise.

Isn't that hilarious??

I guess some people either tape popsicle sticks to dogs ears until they stand up straight....or you can wrap them for a few weeks so they fold over. We didn't like the thought of doing that to her ears, just seemed kinda mean to be so concerned about her we decided to just let her be herself....quirky ears for a quirky dog! We think it matches her personality and gives her character...very clumsy and one-of-a-kind :)

We took her to hubster's parents house last weekend because we had a wedding to go to, and things went VERY well considering they are not especially animal people. They had it in their head that she was going to rip up their couches and pee all over the I think they were really surprised that she didn't have any accidents, and didn't chew on anything she wasn't supposed to...hubs and I were all puffed up like proud parents over that one. His neices came over to meet her and stayed the entire time we were at the wedding. When we came home we were informed that she was "plumb wore out" by those girls...and when we walked into our bedroom, this is what we saw...

She pretty much slept the entire rest of the night...ha!


I finally snapped a decent picture of our Jackson kitty - he always looks like he's wearing eyeliner to me...sometimes we call him "The Sphinx"

and here's my Tweaker (who is almost 20 pounds thankyouverymuch)

"Get that camera out of my face woman, before I bite you"

Every afternoon when I get home...and come to think of it, every time I go into the kitchen...I find My Tiny in one distinct spot in the house:

On the butcher block table next to the stove....right next to....

The "Tub O' Treats" - OF COURSE.

He starts meowing and rubbing against it...and looking at me all wistful as if I've STARVED him all day long...

The little scavenger is hard at work...hahaa

Jackson is our screamer....he screams when he hears hub's car in the driveway...he screams when we're sitting at the computer...he screams when we're climbing into bed...he screams if any other cat gets attention...he screams when T comes over....screams, screams, screams...

And finally - my tomatoes have basically doubled since we went out of town...

and I have about 5 that are red and ready to be picked! YUM!


JessiferSeabs said...

I need more pictures of Georgia now.

That is all.

Thank you. :-)


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