Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opinions Wanted...

I've been stumbling upon alot of hot button topics in the mom world lately...and I would love to get any readers points of view on this one.
Today I came upon one issue that I didn't even realize was really an issue. I realize that there are a million different opinions out there about things like breastfeeding and spanking, etc, etc.....but I had no idea how many people have a problem with playpens. PLAYPENS.
Apparantly - one side of the fence thinks they're practical and useful items - and a whole different side of the fence thinks they are bad because it imprisons a child. Here is a quote I found:

I would NEVER use a playpen for my daughter, she is a person, and is allowed to go where she wants to and make her own choices

but seriously, can you really make your own choices at 10 months old? I mean, my kid doesn't even know when he's picking his own nose, so I'm thinking he's probably not capable of making his own choices at this point in the game. Hence the reason I feed him and clothe him and wipe his butt.
Here's another:

I've never used a playpen - that's what doors are for

Allrighty...I mean, yes - our living room and two front bedrooms are pretty much babyproofed. and I vacuum every single day to get dirt off the floor. But STILL - adam finds little pieces of lint and things to put in his mouth or he'll find some way to bang his head on something or he'll crawl into a corner and get himself wedged somehow. I can't rely on simply closing the doors in my house - unless, you know..I didn't have any furniture and it was just a big empty room. Actually, scratch that - an empty PADDED room. ha!
and another:

I think anyone who uses a playpen is too lazy to look after their own kids. It's our job as parents to watch our children, not put them in cages.

I can see some of their points...I mean, obviously it's not good parenting to leave your kid in a playpen all day - by any means. Especially if you're on the couch hitting a crack pipe.
But I'm surprised at how strong the opinions are opposing using one AT ALL.
I personally have a pack-n-play. It's been set up in my living room against a wall for probably about 5 months now? I use it at least once every day. If I have to leave the room for a bit, I can put adam in there and I know he's safe. If I have to cop a squat - then at least I'm not sitting on the toilet giving myself a hemorroid while trying to be quick because my kid is roaming around the house unsupervised and heading for almond roca in the cat box or something.
If I have a task I need to complete for work? Or if I'm cooking on the hot stove and I don't want him underfoot? Or anytime I just need to leave the room and can't have my eye on him for a minute or two? IN HE GOES. He's happy in there - he can play with his toys in there - and he's contained in a safe environment. I think a highchair or an exersaucer or a car seat is more imprisoning then a playpen...and honestly? I have no idea how mom's these days survive without one! (not to mention they are great for tossing all the toys into when it's quick-clean up time)
So tell me ladies...or guys if there is anyone of the male species reading this thing....what are your thoughts on the playpen topic? I stated my stance on the whole thing - but I fully respect everyone's right to their own opinion and I love to get both sides of the coin...so please, tell me your opinions!! What side of the fence are you on?
And if you're on the opposite side - what do you do with your kids when you just need a minute to pee?


aron said...

whoa i had no idea this was even a debate either... eek! but if i did have a kid right now i know i would be on your side :)

2boymommy said...

I'll try not to write a novel...
Pack n plays or playpins (whatever) are a must!! Especially when you have 2. With my first boy I used the pack n play in the mornings when I was trying to get ready. It stayed in my room and he was able to play independantly (which is very important) for a little bit while I got ready.

Now with baby #2 the pack n play is in our living room and it is my little one's safe haven from big brother. Now that Jason can sit up, he can't play by himself on the floor without Josh totally attacking him. Jason loves being in it all by himself.

Now when moms have their babys in one 24/7 that is a different story. "Pack n Play time" is actually a chapter in the Babywise II book.

Those moms that refuse to use one must have a live in nanny!!

Joanna said...

Ugh! Really, if there is one thing I believe in it's this

#1 There is NEVER a right answer
#2 All Mom's have an opinion about everything-all the way down to what a kid's poo should look like
#3 you'll never be able to satisfy all the mommies
and most importantly, I believe in:

*Everything in Moderation*

whether it be the pacifier, crying-it-out, letting your kid watch videos/TV, baby-wearing, heck even bottle/breastfeeding, SAHM's, family beds, and working moms, etc. etc. etc. Really everything is a hot button.

Personally I used a pack n' play. I found it a safe option and a great contained environment.

My guess is the same people that do the whole NINO (baby wearing 9 in / 9 out) see pack n' plays as putting your kid in a 'prison'...but's what's so different than holding them all darn day????

Ugh! Don't people know the rule: If you don't have anything nice to say...shut up!

As a mother, I SO wish that women could be a little more understanding and patient with one another. I think Mom's especially put so much pressure on each other to do the *right* thing (whatever the current 'it' thing is)

I mean really, when do you ever see the dad's debating this crap???

...stepping down from my soap-box...

Anonymous said...

So - I didn't know we were allowed to still call them "playpens" -

and I think...

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink.

Do what works for you.

Kelly said...

I say do what works for you. Your sanity and feeling that your son is safe and secure is the most important thing. Did I buy the $260 video monitor? Yep. Does it help me sleep better? Yep. It works for me because I feel safer.

Personally, our house is too small to have the PNP up all the time now. Aubrey's crawling and cruising all over... so I'm not even sure she'd like the PNP now. And, I hadn't even thought about this topic... who knew it's such a hot topic.

(BTW, I had to laugh at your "smokin' crack on the couch" comment. Yeah, not such a good choice. Also, I laughed at Joanna's comment... cuz she thinks my kid's poop doesn't look right. Yep, everyone has an opinion!)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Moderation. Look, if you leave your kid in it all day long plopped in front of the TV...yeah, that's probably not okay. We used the PNP when we were doing all of our yard work, painting etc. because it just kept him contained and nearby. He was content to just be near us and had some toys and crackers. Life was good. So many hot button issues. So much drama. If you think this one is a hot button, wait till you start talking about crying it out! Whew! Some moms will seriuosly think you are abusing your child. Yikes.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Oh, and if you don't think I'll be using a PNP when the twins get here...you got another thing coming! :)

Cory said...

I'll admit, I'm not a mother. But I've watched what goes on at my sister's house, at least when my nieces were really little. Generally she left the girls loose, but the playpen stayed up. And if she was doing something that meant she couldn't keep her eyes on them, in they went. With a lot of their toys. While cooking, and other various activities, you just can't keep your eyes on a child and they can disappear or hurt themselves while you blink once. I think as long as you don't put them in the pen and ignore them, no problem. But, then again, that's just my humble, unexperienced opinion....

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. and I dont get why women can't be more understand with eachother either. We are all going through the same thing.. and I little understanding can go A LOONNGG way.
Just look at your past post on nail clippers... I mean come on! but everyone has there own way of doing things and there own way that works for THEM. It doesn't mean there way works for everyone.
Anywho. Personally I wish I would have used my PNP for more then just bedtime. There is DEFFINITLY NOTHING wrong with sticking a baby in a PNP while you cook, pee or answer a phone call. Anything that can keep you sane and your little one safe is a blessing! You are such a great mom K. love you!

Bitsy said...

Our PNP is always set up. I use it a few times a day... when I have to use the "facilities," or when I'm trying to eat a hot meal, or when I need to run to the laundry room and switch the clothes from washer to dryer. Even though my little one isn't crawling yet, she likes to sit up. And the PNP has a softer mat on the bottom than my hard floors... so she has some cushioning if she falls over when I'm not close enough to catch her.

But yeah... moderation. As you said, sitting your kid in a playpen all day while you're smoking the ol' crack pipe is pretty much a piss poor idea.

But as an occasional "safety" spot? I say it's a mommy lifesaver.

Amanda said...

I don't have kids, but if I did I would use a playpen in a heartbeat.

BTW - thanks a lot. Now I can never eat an almond roca again!

Amanda said...

I don't have kids, but if I did I would use a playpen in a heartbeat.

BTW - thanks a lot. Now I can never eat an almond roca again!

samantha jo campen said...

AMEN. Yes our children are individuals but hell NO they are not old enough to make even 90% of their own decisions. If they were Theo would be dead because his one goal in life is to put hazerdous chemicals in his mouth. Why don't we let kids play in the street during rush hour while we're at it if that's the argument? Hell, it's THEIR CHOICE so why not?

We don't use the PNP but we do have one of those fence-type things you see in One Step Ahead, etc that is a rather large play area closed off (our LR is pretty big) so yes, Theo goes in there when I need to pee, run down to get a load of laundry or cook in the kitchen and he's not ready to be in the high chair. I agree with you as well that high chairs and car seats (hell even CRIBS) are more confining than a brief stint in a PNP.

Oy. Whatever dudes.

Anonymous said...

As a mother i feel that it is apalling that any mother would willingly confine their child. No wonder why there are so many young men in jail these days. Could it be that it is because of all the irresponsible and cold hearted mothers. A woman should do two things committ herself to the children and have dinner ready for their husband when he gets home. Maybe the world would be a better place if we put the miniture jails away, cooked some dinner for our man and put on something sexy once in a-while. If you disagree with this opinion and it makes your blood boil you should look into a mirror, review the image you have of yourself and know that you have been gotten by the Hubster.. HEHE

Jordanna said...

Our first little guy is on his way in to this world in just a couple months and a pnp is one of the FIRST things we bought...so bring on the criticsm I guess...

so is a crib putting your kid in jail too...come on extremist people, don't be dumb....

oh and we call the goodies that come out of the litter box licorice all-sorts. I got a good laugh about the almond roca :)

Me said...

Using playpens is the reason that we have so many 'young men in jail'... that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard.

I think we have so many of our 'young people' in jail because they have no respect for boundaries and limits probably due to the fact that they were brought up without discipline and made to believe that there are no wrong choices. gah.

Natalie D said...


Anonymous said...

nobody got the joke, or what?