Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sickies and Stats

Soooo, it's been coughing/runnynose/fever/barfing central over here for about the last week. My munchkin is sick. He has a nasty virus and an ear infection to boot. Tonight was the first night he's actually kept food down in about 4 days. I'm tired and my poor little man is miserable. We've been to the doctor twice and I think he's starting to hate that place. Doesn't it just suck when little tiny people who can't talk yet are so sick??? I swear he spent almost a whole day just sitting on my lap and moaning. I would switch places with him in a second.
Anyway - that's what's been going on in my house. But we had his 9 month wellbaby appointment last week, so I have some stats to report!
He weighs 20 pounds exactly (40th percentile)
He has EIGHT teeth...and more on the way. Somebody get this boy a steak! (by the way, he loves steak)
If you tell him to say CHEEEESE - he shows all eight teeth to you: He is 27 1/2 inches long (25th percentile)
His head is off-the-charts big...(97th percentile - Charlie Brown Status)
He always crosses his feet: He is extremely tickelish...especially when I'm doing it with my toes: He's about ready for his first haircut...otherwise this is quickly going to be a mullet and I will never hear the end of it:
And we're having way too much fun with the different hairstyles:
This is The Caesar
The Combover
The Mad Scientist
I haven't yet found a food that he refuses to eat (well, except for ALL food this week during the sickies) and I've discovered that a handful of cheerios on his highchair tray will entertain him just long enough for me to either load or unload the dishwasher. He points with one finger (and oh yeah, tries to stick it up your NOSE)
A couple of days ago, he very distinctly said "DAD" and pointed at hubs who had walked down the hall to the bathroom. (I fully expect him to say every single family member's name before he says mama because he's a big STINKER)
He LOVES Veggie Tales. He watches more episodes of them that I'd like to admit. And Sesame Street is a close second.
He is thrilled by our cats and our dog and consistantly tries to bury his head in their fur
Houston we have crawling! Well...sort of. His own military style "my house is full of barbed wire" crawling anyway. Observe (after the attack of the giant ball): *I absolutely HATE how I sound on camera, so please ignore my yapping and chuckling in the background*

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Anonymous said...

Yay - an update!!

Did I hallucinate, or was that video posted for like 3 minutes on Wednesday night?

We should try to do lunch/coffee/visiting at some point - it's been TOO dang long!

Joanna said...

OMG, what a cutie!...o'kay really the 'Ceasar' is too funny (who says you can't have fun with boy hair.
I love the update. To me the 8-12 month age was so fun, you can literally see the wheels turning as they are able to do more and more.
I second the cheerio vote...hell, my girls are 5 and 3 and you can still keep them entertained (read: quiet) with a bowl of dry cheerios and some cartoons...I should have stock in cheerios (although they do smell like vomit)

samantha jo campen said...

You guys crack me up! He's such a cutie. So sorry he's been sick--I SO know what that's like. Theo has the croup now but no puking like your little man thankfully.

Yeah for 9 month stats! I gotta say though, he's tiny :-) I'd love to 'borrow' him for a day to give my back a break!

Theo crosses his ankles too :-) He's not into 'crawling' per se. He's an official butt-schoocher and gets around rather qucikly that way. AJ looks so cute combat crawling!

Good luck with him saying mama. Maybe he'll say 'auntie sam' before that? HA!

Kelly said...

Ugh. Sorry that he hasn't been feeling well. That makes for a house full of miserable people. Hopefully this next week is better.

LOVE the video. Man, he's the same size as Miss Aubrey. I love his voice as he crawls around. He's going to be all over the place. And YEAH for saying Dad! Too sweet.

We totally need videos more often.