Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Still here...just busy

It's taken me absolutely forever to get on here and point out that many people seemed to have missed the whole "husband being sarcastic" comment thing. Yes, it was hubs - trying to be funny. He is currently hog tied and doing time in the pack-n-play as punishment, so don't worry. He's gotta get his shocking 2 cents in every once in a while, just his nature.
Time is just flying by these days and it's just a blur of work, errands, laundry and chasing after my very quick child who consistently seems to find things to put in his mouth that shouldn't be there. In fact, I recently made my first (and probably not my last) phone call to the Poison Control center. My allergies have been rather hellish lately...over a week of really puffed up and red eyes (which meant no eye make up and constant sunglasses wearing) combined with a stuffy nose. So I use Afrin nose spray...alot. And I had a bottle with the cap ON, sitting on the table next to our sofa...where I thought was out of his reach. Little did I realize that he was in fact able to pull himself up to standing (which he had only done with our help before this), grab the bottle...somehow GOT THE CAP OFF (dear LORD am I in trouble if he's already figured out how to untwist a screw on cap)..and when I looked over, he was sucking on the bottle. When I grabbed it from him, some dribbled out of his mouth and I could tell he had ingested some, but had no idea how much. I immediately grabbed him and ran to our fridge where we have the number for Poison Control and told them what happened. They told me he would have had to ingest a full teaspoon for there to be any danger...and since I had no idea exactly how much he got down - I was told to observe him closely and head to the hospital if he started acting either hyper/stimulated or super sleepy. I watched him like a hawk and there was no reaction, he was acting perfectly normal. The Poison Control people actually called back after about an hour and a half to make sure he was okay and said he definately would have had a reaction by then, so I didn't need to worry. They did a VERY good job of calming me down and didn't at all make me feel stupid for leaving it within reach...I was very impressed with both people I talked to there. Which was good because I was certainly ready for that mother of the year award to arrive that day. *insert sarcasm here*
So yeah, time to pay more attention and not underestimate my kid's ability to get into anything and everything he's not supposed to. He's now pulling himself up on all the furniture and I swear one day he's just going to turn and walk right out of the room or something. It's kinda blowing my mind. Like he's too small to be standing up on his own...he's still a baby...but quickly growing into a little boy that will soon be toddling around our house and able to reach ALOT more stuff!
Squishy little man with bedhead:


aron said...

omgosh WHEN did he get sooo big?!?! pulling himself up?!? what is this business?

YIKES I bet that was scary! glad everything is ok though and glad they were helpful!

Hope the allergies go away soon :( doesn't sound like fun!

April said...

SCARY!!! Good to know the poison control people were so helpful. By the way I thought that the comment by hubs was HILARIOUS! No need for explanation on this end :-)

Natalie D said...

OMG! that is scary!! he is so cute! Almost a year old too! wow. It is good to know, everything is going to have to be baby-proofed soon!

Kelly said...

Yikes! I'm glad he was okay and that poison control actually called you back to check up on him/you. That's reassuring. Things happen... I'm glad everyone was okay.

They grow and change so fast! Did I tell you about the dream I had when Aubrey started to crawl? I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I heard Aubrey and turned around to find her WALKING into the kitchen to see me. Apparently I was a little nervous about how fast she was learning things. Just wait until he's walking. You're gonna have your hands full!

Thanks for the squishy boy pics! He's such a little man!

Joanna said...

That's reassuring to hear about how nice poison control was....we've (fingers crossed) haven't ever had to call them, but we have called the ER a time or two... So glas he's alright

ps. I thought hubs comment was very funny :)