Thursday, October 22, 2009

18 months

This month Adam officially turned 18 months old, and today we had his well baby check up. Here are his stats:

25.4 pounds (50th percentile)
32 inches (40th percentile...and up 2 inches in 3 months!)
Head is still off-the-charts big (they don't even put a number...just an UP arrow on his chart - ha!)
He's jabbering constantly and says words here and there - Daddy, Puppy, Baby, Cheese, HI, Ball...etc, etc. He DOES NOT SAY MOMMY..or momma, or mom, or anything of that nature, the little punk! When he's really pissed, once in a great while he'll wail out a maaaaaamaaaaaa but seriously, I got the shaft on this one. He runs around the house shouting daddy non-stop, but I can't even get one little mama out of him.
He loves EGGS (he would eat scrambled eggs for every meal), string cheese, pasta, chicken, fish, sweet potatoes (actually any potato in general), bananas, pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, blueberry waffles, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks.
He does NOT like red meat, pasta with red sauce, watermelon, cake or ice cream...freak.
He loves to sit and flip through all his books, and he's into "sorting" things now...he piles all his stuffed animals in one place and moves them to another place and then sorts them and moves them again...over and over - such a crack up. He loves digging in the dirt and he's throwing balls and toys overhand, so we're convinced he's gonna play "ball" someday :)
I tried to fingerpaint with him the other day, but it ended up being a big giant FAIL because he screamed bloody murder when he got paint on his hands and didn't calm down until he was in the tub and all the paint was off. Also, coloring doesn't exist in my world because he keeps EATING the damn crayons. So arts and crafts are just gonna have to wait.
Still loves his Veggie Tales over everything else, but also likes Sesame Street, Word World, Superwhy, Sid the science kid, Wonder Pets, and Handy Manny.

He's busy, busy, busy - and some days it seems like he's going to go through the terrible two's early because he throws major tantrums over lame stuff. He's been sort of a bad napper lately, but I'm counting my blessings because he goes to bed SO EASY, and sleeps from 8:30pm to 7:30 or 8am...WOOOOOOOOOOOOO - thankyajesus!
He's so full of smiles and laughter and shrieks of delight - it just melts my heart to see him be such a happy little guy. I'm still even amazed that he's MINE. Hubs and I quite often watch him running around and we'll nudge each other and go "we did that...".
It's just crazy to think about sometimes. And before I know it, he's gonna be two. NUTS
(this picture was taken in hub's work truck...a fun lunchtime spent with daddy!)


Alison said...



N.D. said...

adorable!!! no ice cream or cake?? oh man! eating crayons!! haha. Love this post.

Joanna said...

Neither one of my girls were very big meat eaters.. It nearly killed Jason that he might raise vegetarians (no offense to the non-meat-eaters)

And if it helps...both the girls said Dada before Mama.. whatever.

samantha said...

HE IS SO TINY! Theo is 37" tall and 31 pounds. Can you imagine seeing them play together? It would be such a riot! Theo would go to hug him and crush AJ with a SPLAT.

He's such a cutie. I want to snorgle him.

Anonymous said...

SOOO CUTE! Love that grin in Daddy's work truck. xoxo Amanda