Monday, October 12, 2009

Picture Post

I have been reminded (thank you Joanna!) that it's been way too freaking long since I posted pictures of Adam. The summer was a whirlwind and I can't believe it flew by so quickly (although I am SOOOOO enjoying this rain!!!).
So here are some pictures taken during a recent trip to Avila Valley Barn...
We started out in the little kids hay maze, and oddly - Adam refused to actually touch the hay.
Notice how his little hands are clenched together - ha!
So then hubs decided to try out the big maze...I was gonna go too, but once I saw how narrow the whole thing was, my claustrophobic side kicked in and I made it about 2 feet before I hightailed it outta there. I stood at the exit and waited for my boys
Check out Adam's face...methinks he's not-so-much into the maze thing The boy has reached this point where getting him to actually look at the camera and smile is a near impossible feat. I'm afraid I have no cheesy smiling pumpkin patch pictures...maybe he's going Emo on me, I have no idea...but I can say that the majority of the time, I look like a IDIOT trying to get him to look at the damn camera. Good thing he's cute anyway
I have a story about our visit with this cow: While we were standing here looking at the cow - which is QUITE OBVIOUSLY a cow. This girl walks up - probably in her late teens or early twenties - and she goes "ummmm, what is this? Is this a cow? It doesn't LOOK like a cow..."
I gave hubs the eyebrow raise like is this girl kidding me right now?
and then she starts talking to the cow and says "are you a cow? you don't LOOK like a cow!"
You guys, I seriously have ridges in my tongue from biting it because DUDE (and for the record, she was not a foreigner...just a red blooded american dingbat) I don't get could a girl that age not know a cow when she sees one?

Here we are going on a hayride...again, boy NOT looking at the camera
Our attempt at a self portrait....only oops - cut out AJ our second attempt...capturing the perfect DIGGING FOR GOLD portrait. ACK...boys!


Kelly said...

Get out! Ask and you shall receive! I was just complaining today that I hadn't seen the little man in a while... and there he is!

Aubrey was the same way... couldn't get that adorable smiling pumpkin shot to save our lives. And, she hated the hay too!

Can't wait to get the kids together this weekend!

Joanna said...

In the pure-blooded-american-dingbat's defense, I think that cow is shall we say...a special needs cow. He appears a little odd looking to me.

I always thought it to myself, but Ally's preschool class went to the AVB on Monday and her teacher confirmed that the cow is 'special'.

The little dude is SO cute! I love the 'gold' photo especially. Thanks for the update WITH photos ;)

Alison said...

What does Mark's shirt say?

samantha said...

That nose-picking picture is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Laughed out loud at my desk.

And that girl? About the cow? ARE YOU KIDDING ME OMFG?!?