Sunday, February 07, 2010

And here we are at Day 3...

Today we had our first Battle Royale about going to sleep without a paci. Night sleeping hasn't been an issue thus far, tonight was once again not a problem at all. But today was the first day we've attempted naptime (day 1 we didn't decided to ditch it until bedtime, and yesterday he didn't nap). I thought we were in the clear because I gave him kisses and laid him down and left the room, closing the door as I usually do. He was fine for about 5 minutes and then the crying started. And then screaming. And then gagging and coughing and I went in there with a bucket prepared for a puking session. Luckily, I got to him in time and calmed him down - but then he thought it was playtime. I closed his bedroom door to shut us both in there, which pissed him off...but I was determined that he would take a nap, and do so without a pacifier. I decided my main goal would be to remain calm and not get frustrated because that seems to be my biggest problem, and he senses that and just feeds off it and then we're both mad and it escalates from there. So this time, I just settled myself in for a long fight and as calmly as possible kept telling him that it was naptime and he needed to lay down and go to sleep. He kept thinking it was playtime, and I kept telling him no, and just repeating my naptime mantra to him over and over, and he would scream and cry and crumple to the floor and he kept trying to open his bedroom door and when I'd say no, he'd have another tantrum. It was an ordeal for him....and I knew that if I'd just give him a paci, he would settle down and go to sleep as he was SO tired - but then I also knew we'd be starting at square one all over again and we needed to just get this tough part over with already. It was hard....but 45 minutes later, I emerged from his room victorious. (hubs will tell you I actually came out humming the theme to Rocky and pumping my fists in the air)He was in is crib and fast asleep with no paci. WHEW. He slept for 2 hours with no problems. Very cool.
I'm wondering what tomorrow will be like during naptime, as thus far - the nights haven't been an issue AT ALL. I am determined though darn it. That kid will NOT break me! hehehe
If I have to sit in his room another 45 minutes tomorrow, I will do it. I feel like if we can just get through another few days, we'll be in the clear!

*I've also learned that staying calm is absolutely KEY for me. I seem to get frustrated too often with him sometimes and it doesn't do either one of us any favors, so this is something I really need to work on!


Anonymous said...

YAY! good job sticking to your guns!! It WILL get easier! Was bedtime day 3 just as easy as it has been?
- Ash

Kelly said...

Yahoo! Nice work Rocky! I wish I was as strong and patient. The whinning about the bottle transition is killing me!

Here's hoping for a better (shorter fight) day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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N.D. said...

Hope it goes ok - I've heard it can be a nightmare - Nick never got into the paci.