Saturday, February 06, 2010

Operation Ditch-the-Paci Day 2

Today we had my 3 neices all day so my brother and sister in law could get their house cleaned up and ready to move in tomorrow. They are awesome kids, very helpful and hilarious. They all talk ALOT though, and our house has wood floors, so it just seems louder in here somehow. Anyway, it was nice to have them and they entertain Adam really well. Gracie, the youngest (who is 4) even changed a diaper and got him into his PJ's for me - she's a little mother hen that one.
He totally skipped a nap because there was NO WAY he was going to sleep with all "his girls" here, so we didn't get to see how he does during a nap without the paci - but he was pretty darn tired by the time bedtime rolled around, and there were a few tears, but I honestly don't think they were paci related...more like he was just overly tired and didn't want his fun day to end. But after a minute or two, all was quiet and he is currently passed out in there - NO PACI...woooo!
So - Day 2 is officially a success - no drama. I'm starting to wonder if he even realizes they are gone. Maybe his whole paci addiction isn't even really HIS thing - but more MY thing? Like, I think he needs it for comfort, but he doesn't really. for thought.

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