Monday, March 07, 2005

Cleaning Spree...

Yesterday, the hubster and I went to our new house ( I say new, as in's actually quite old...wood floors and all...very 1940's) and cleaned like MAD. I swept and mopped all the floors, and vacuumed all the bedrooms...that was quite a job. Doug was in charge of the bathrooms - he scrubbed the heck outta the tubs and let them soak in bleach...he also cleaned all the surfaces in the kitchen and did a darn good job. I'm very impressed with his cleaning skills when he really puts his mind to it.
The hall bathroom had those non-slip stickers in the bottom of it...and whoever put them on did a real half-ass job because most of them were clustered down by the drain. They were fish and bubbles....ummmm, yeah, those had to go. Hubster sprayed some Goof Off on them and scraped them off with a spatula....they came right off, but there is still an imprint of glue remaining. Anyone have any ideas how to get it off? We tried bleach and comet and tilex and the glue remover stuff...and after both of us becoming quite HIGH and silly from the fumes, we decided to leave it.

So far, mom...T...and CC and the girls have come to see it - they all loved the open floor plan and said we got a good deal, which makes me feel better because I still have moments of second guessing ourselves when it comes to paying that much rent. I guess I just have a hard time letting go of money in big chunks like that...although, who doesn't? heh

I went through our bookshelves over the weekend and I discovered the following:

I found 32 books that I'm going to put in our garage sale...I say 32 now, but by the time I really have to sell them, I may have re-evaluated how I feel about those books, and it might just be down to 2 books to sell...heh

I found well over a hundred books that I have read, but that I just. can't. get. rid. of. - okay, I shouldn't say can't...I'm gonna say WON'T...because most of them are hardback books that I paid good money for, and that I could possibly read again because they were good enough to keep...I'm so much like my mother, I just have a hard time getting rid of stuff.

I found 65 - let me repeat...65 - books that I HAVE NOT READ YET.
I'm so disappointed in myself that all those books were lurking in my shelves and I kept buying MORE books thinking that I was almost out of things to read! I can't believe it...
I'll be setting up our bookshelves in the new place with one big section for my "have not read" books...heh

Also, I have alot of boxes with CRAP in them...honestly, just little piddly things that I don't know what to do with - or that got thrown into that box when company was coming at the last minute. I must have come across 3 or 4 decorative boxes full of miscellaneous STUFF. It'll be nice to use this next few weeks to go through that stuff and either get rid of it, or find it a home where it belongs instead of being thrown into a box.

I will inevitably look at things and go "oh, I can't get rid of that...I NEED that"

It frightens me that I've become such a packrat. Just. Like. My. Mother

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T said...

I think nail polish remover will take the residual glue off the bathtub surface....careful the fumes!

I'm so jealous of the big bathroom and a lil New England bench. I wish my bathroom was that size.

The new house is totally charming and so you and Doug.

As for the books, get rid of the old ones, or start buying more bookshelves. You can look at it this way, if you get rid of some, you an get others to read...woohooo!

And you are not turning into your still have plenty of years before that takes place.

And all those boxes of crap will probably go this weekend in your garage sale....otherwise, you'll have to haul it in and out and to the new house....take that all into this stuff really valuable enough to haul it around with me?