Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I shoulda been...

A boxer...
I'm fascinated by the sport...I love watching it - and I'd LOVE to get into a ring someday. (oh, just put me in there with Jonathan from Amazing Race 6...I'd be FIRED UP to box smarmy face - and anyone from the sweet 16 show...and maybe a few of those laguna beach girls too....hmmmm, I'm gonna have to make a list)
Hubster and I watched the Contender last night and I think it's my new favorite show. I was SOOOO rooting for Gomez, the underdog to win last night - and he did! The other guy Peter was a good fighter - a power hitter...but they sure played up the whole "I'm doing this for my daughter" thing. I was getting a bit sick of it to be honest. In my opinion, his daughter was WAY too young to be watching her father get beaten silly in the first place. It almost seemed like we the audience were supposed to root for him because of the whole family aspect.
I'm glad Gomez won - he proved he's got some SERIOUS cojones just by choosing to fight the undefeated Peter.
I'm already hoping to see the pretty boy (hubster and I call him Love Boat because of that silly outfit he was wearing on the first day) go up against Ishe. And I hope Ishe smacks the crap out of him...HEH - is that wrong? Ishe is a pompous guy, but something about Love Boat just rubs me the wrong way - and what was up with him forgetting the lock combination? ya dork...he didn't have to carry any logs his ONLY JOB was to run up the hill and get the numbers for the lock from the signs on the side of the road...hello?
yeah, he's gonna piss alot of people off.
I can't believe I just went on and on about this show - yup, I'd say it's my favorite....big adrenaline rush. Doug better watch out because I just might bust out some boxing gloves one of these days! hehehe

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Amanda said...

You know I watched it AND taped it!
I love Sly! Gomez rocks!