Friday, March 04, 2005

soooo MIA

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted here. So much has happened, so much going on - WHEW!

I'm just gonna recap on some things that have happened:

~My hair is mom put highlights in for me, but I think I left them in too long because I came out looking like Debra Harry with the badly bleached hair. I then got some dye to try to go back to my normal color...only it came out looking safety cone orange (because the dye I picked had a reddish tone to it) in the bleached places...and a pinkish color throughout the rest of my head. I called T and she came over to help me with my hair fiasco. We bought some color corrector and another box of regular blonde dye with NO red...mixed the two together and again applied it all to my hair. As we were watching American Idol, I could feel my scalp burning and T told me to pull on my hair to make sure it was still attached to my scalp...!!!! Thankfully it was, and I vowed that no matter how it turned out, I would leave it to avoid becoming bald.
It came out kind of reddish/orangesh - but not all bright and coppery like before. It looks like a really, really strawberry blonde. It's fading, but not soon enough for me - I should have just left it alone.

~ Wednesday the 16th was just an all around BAD sucked - many things went wrong....someone at Doug's work backed into his car and crunched the front bumper and part of the fender (that was actually a blessing in disguise because we'll get some CASH for that..and probably won't even bother to fix the car). That same day we got a phone call from our current landlords that they have decided to put the house that we LIVE IN...and have only LIVED IN FOR 10 MONTHS....up for sale.
Which means, YAY! We get to move...again...lovely

~ I was pacing the floors of our house and making our cats nervous while trying not to cry...Doug decided to go get a paper even though it was around 8pm. We started circling places to look at and eventually just got our butts into the car and WENT.

~ For the next couple of days we pretty much did nothing BUT look for a place to live when we got from work. It was a very disheartening experience because we knew we were going to have to pay more rent then we wanted to - and all the places that were decently priced were absolutely GHETTO looking ...

~ Through a real estate agent friend of ours, we found out about some affordable housing homes that are being built in our area. They are 3 bedroom, 2 bath's selling for $315k - which is UNHEARD of in this town. We set up an appt. to go look at them, figuring that we might be able to swing that much - and found out that we actually qualified with the city for the affordable housing program. The house was LOVELY, but after crunching numbers and figuring in property tax and homeowners association fees...we realized that our mortage would be around $2500 a month...which is impossible for us.

~ We both agree that it's kind of a big thump on the head to realize that we couldn't even afford a $315k house. CONDO'S even sell for more than that in this we thought it was a good deal! Turns out, it's not really... especially after we found out the CATCH (city gets 90% of the equity earned on the house if it's sold within 30 YEARS - ummm yeah, bite me city people)

~ We've talked ALOT about having to move out of this area...we both know it's pretty much inevitable at this point. IT makes me sad to think about it. We decided we'd better keep looking for rentals...we are both really exhausted of the whole "house buying" and mortgage topics anyway.

~Saturday evening we found THE place. Sunday we paid partial deposit so the owners would take the ad out of the paper...and tomorrow we're paying the rest of the deposit and getting the keys. IT's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a FIREPLACE (doug's dream) for $1200..which is kind of "yikes", but we really like the we think it's worth it.

Whew - it's been a whirlwind week for much going much wheeling and dealing with the much worry about money, and cats, and packing, and work.

I've been taking a yoga class that has seemed to help me stay calm...but I feel very tense lately - I always do when stuff like this goes on in my life....

Onward to bigger and better, right???

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mizavery said...

Totally been there with the orange/pink/copper/red hair, and of course each "fix" just makes it worse. I can almost guarantee you that in 10 years this episode will have completely disappeared from your memory and the whole thing will repeat itself. Personally, I can't wait to go completely grey.

And then the whole housing thing. Great that it worked out but what a drag getting there on top of the ORANGE/PINK/COPPER/RED HAIR.

Glad you're back!