Friday, September 02, 2005

Mord Wix-up

When my mom and my aunt were younger...I think my mom was about 11 or 12 - which means my aunt would be around 14 (I think), they shared a funny incident that has been told in our family ever since.
Apparantly, they shared a room when they were younger - and their dresser was positioned right by the doorway, in such a fashion that if any of the drawers were left open, the person entering the room was sure to trip over it.
One day, my mother was rummaging around the bottom drawer...and was so caught up in finding what she was looking for, that she LEFT THE DRAWER OPEN.

My aunt proceeded to walk into the room, and immediately banged her shin really hard on the drawer. aunt is a very precise and dramatic person with an amazing vocabulary. She was so filled with RAGE that her little sister had left that drawer open without ANY THOUGHT...that she stood there shaking with anger and gritting her teeth.
At this point I imagine my mom sitting on the bed with a drawing in her lap...eyes bulging...and her mouth hanging open while she waited to see what my aunt would do to her.
Anyway, when my aunt was finally able to stop shaking with anger long enough to get words out - she screamed out...


Which has become a life-long family saying ever since...and we laugh and laugh about it. Anytime someone does something maddening or frustrating - we always bust out with the Fupid Stool saying.

Which brings me to today. Hubster and I had to go to DMV this morning to take care of some business...and we stopped for lunch at a local deli. We were sitting there eating, and he was looking through a car catalog pointing out all the cars he wanted to me...he started to have a sneezing fit, and yet was still talking about cars inbetween sneezes. He was describing in detail about a particular car, still sneezing...when he said...

"it's even got the tindows winted"

We looked at each other and busted out laughing.
When we got back into the car, I laughed again and said ...

"tindows winted...HA! you fupid stool.."


Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

I can just picture him saying that. That's funny.

t said...

the sneezing fit got me....i know how those hubster sneezing fits can be...those alone crack my ass up....'choo...'choo...'choo...'choo...'chooo....the daintiness of a lil girl sneezing her head off...hehehehehee....

and by the way, why did you delete the 1st comment....was it bad? please share.