Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Ugliest Thing...

Last year, around Christmas-time...hubster and I started gift searching for some married friends (I shall call them D and N) who live up in the Bay Area. We went to local store known for oddball finds, and low prices. We were in the housewares section and kept finding some of the UGLIEST items. We were laughing over a ceramic high heeled shoe, that was covered in porcelain filagree and gold paint, and commenting on why anyone would buy such a dust collector...when it suddenly dawned on us, that we should find a really hideous gift for our friends. And thus started the "Ugly gift that never dies" game.
We looked at the price tag on the shoe, and decided against spending the $8 and headed over to the clearance section. Which is where...for $2...we found the perfect item.

Behold, the ugliest teapot you ever did see...

Of course we bought it...and proceeded to buy them a REAL present as well because we just couldn't actually be THAT mean.

We lovingly wrapped up the teapot, as well as their other gift...and brought it with us to the Bay area where we spent the holidays with hubster's family.

We met our friends at Starbucks, and left the real gift in the car. Sitting down to chat with our coffee, hubster immediately presented the gift. They opened it carefully and proceeded to bring forth the teapot in all it's glory. I think I may have heard a gasp from other people at the crowded cafe, as the bright colors flashed around the small room. Hubster and I could barely contain our laughter while waiting for them to comment on our generous gift. D politely says "wow, it'!" - Meanwhile N was grinning wide-eyed...I could almost hear her brain thinking "good GAWD where's the nearest dumpster?" Hubster and I burst out laughing and when they realized it was just a joke - we went to get their real present out of the car.

Fast forward to several months later - D and N come to visit us. We had a lovely weekend full of relaxing and fun...yet, when they left...we mysteriously found THE TEAPOT sitting on the dresser in our guest room.

I emailed N the next day and told her that she sucks...and we both agreed "Let the games begin"

Fast forward to now - where I've had the teapot sitting on my file cabinet at work (BIG conversation piece, lemme tell ya). D and N just happen to be traveling in a foreign land...and little do they know, I have a way to find out exactly where they are staying.

Soon, they will find out that a lovely surprise has been Fed-Exed to them from the other side of the world...

We're kinda hoping they leave it there, so we can go back and get that ugly ceramic shoe...I'm sure it must be on clearance by now!

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Amanda said...

That thing is just as hideous as you've always described. Have you heard anything from N since they got back? I wonder if they got it?