Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sleepless Nights

Last night, our kitties were baaaaaaaaaaaad...
They decided to do the relay race stampede up and down the hallway at midnight - which sounds like a herd of elephants on our wood floors..and of course we couldn't have lightfooted cats...noooooo - we've got the 15-20 pounders HARUMPING up and down the flippin hallway.
I got up a couple times to whisper "HEY! You three....SHUT.UP.NOW" - mainly because we have a friend staying in the guest room, and I'm sure she was kept awake by the galloping buffalo in the hall.
I would herd them back into our bedroom where they would wrestle and bump into walls and eventually end up chasing each other back down the hallway.
FINALLY - things quieted down....hubster was snoring...Tweak was in his bed next to me...and I was ALMOST asleep....and then I hear the thump-thump-thump-thumping of Jackson and Tiny running once again down the hall...my eyes pop open - and suddenly I see two furry things fly up onto the bed RIGHT by hubster's head...and proceed to jump onto our headboard. They knock over a book and a hair band while wrestling RIGHT ABOVE OUR HEADS. I'm whisper-shouting at them...and hubster is still snoring away. I finally get Jackson to jump down, and I leave Tiny up there. I lay down just as Tiny decides to peek out the window behind our bed. He then decides that the 2 inch ledge of the window is actually big enough for his butt..which it's not...and JUMPS onto the ledge. Of course he falls...grasps onto the curtains and flails his legs around...which in turn, knocks over EVERYTHING on our headboard. Hubster and I get hit the head with water bottles and books and glasses and even a LAMP....
Tiny finally jumps down and runs off - leaving hubster looking bewildered, and me laughing so hard that I've buried my head into my pillow.
It was a minute and a half of pure commotion...
Hubster goes "what just happened?"
Through my laughter, I made an attempt to explain it, but he just shook his head and said "geez, those cats..." and rolled right over and went back to sleep.

I looked down at the end of the bed, and Tiny and Jackson were sitting next to each other on the footboard and looked at me as if to say "whuuuuuut? what'd we do?"

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