Friday, September 30, 2005

Pillow Talk...

Hubster: "You don't even have a, use this one"

Me: (scoots over and grabs the pillow) sings.."put your head on a pilleeeeeeer!" (of course with a honky tonk twang)

Hubster: proceeds to sing "it helps the medicine go down! the medicine go dooooowwwn, medicine go down!"

Me: "uhhh, what are you doin?"

Hubster: "I'm singing along! isn't that how it goes?"

Me: "ummm, well...I was singing a country song and you busted out with some Mary Poppins...what's up with that?"

Hubster: " SOUNDED like it would go..."

We looked at each other and smiled...and of COURSE started to sing "Put your head on a piller, it helps the medicine go down! the medicine go dooooooown, medicine go down - just a head on a piller help the medicine go down! In the most de...light...ful....way!"

Good lord, we're singing Mary Poppins in bed - FUH-REAKS!

of course it just now crossed my mind that I should probably ask how in the heck hubster even KNEW the words to Mary Poppins. Does he watch it with the cats when I'm not home?

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t said...

2 words....cheez balls!