Friday, December 15, 2006


I busted my hump getting that kitchen clean yesterday. I wanted to quit several times, but then I remembered that I had posted PICTURES of that God awful mess and given myself the "goal" of completing it. That means completing...not half-assing. I realize that I am a total ADD cleaner. I could be cleaning the kitchen and then find something that belongs in the bedroom and so I go to put that away and stop to pet a cat or something and then get distracted and start cleaning the bedroom and I'll find something that belongs in the bathroom and then start cleaning the bathroom - and after a couple of hours...I've only cleaned little parts of each room. It's incredibly annoying. Usually I put in a load of wash and then set to work on cleaning something and then I forget about the laundry and I'll find it all funky in there the following day - so again, I'll run the washer and start to clean something and then forget about the wash and then it goes to day #3 of funky clothes that have been washed multiple times but sat there long enough to get funky.

Seriously, I guess I'm not a good multi-tasker. Oh, I can talk on the phone and play on the internet and pet a cat all at the same time - but if I have a project to do, I have to focus on that project until it's done.

Last night, I had to just put things in each room and tell myself that eventually I will be focusing on that I didn't need to put it away or start organizing something else. It helped that I was solely focused on the kitchen.
So just for comparison's sake - here is the "before"

and now "after" (it looks different to me, but I think it's just because it's nighttime)
Before: aaaaand After:

(Georgia's tail - ha!)

I even cleaned off the top of the fridge which was NASTAY and I haven't done it since...oh....since we moved in a year and a half ago...yikes. And of course I had to organize and remove some of the stuff we had stuck to it...

*I don't want to get any comments about the laundry room in the background because that is a whole other project of itself. Maybe tonight
And last but not least...the bar area - biggest hot spot in the house...


I know this whole thing is probably boring to most readers - but I'm doing this mainly for self-motivation. Selfish reasons...but hey, I think the embarrassment of showing people the before's is worth it for the after's.
This weekend I plan on attacking things room by room - gotta get caught up so I feel ready for Christmas and so I can relax and ENJOY it instead of thinking about all the crap I still need to do at home. I mean, I know I will always have stuff to do at home - but lately it's been SO BAD that I come home, look around and immediately feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start - so I don't start, I sit on the couch and block out everything around me.
It would be nice to start the New Year with a positive mindset :)

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