Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Long time, no write

How bogus am I? I've been reprimanded by friends and family for not updating this thing...and it's been in the back of my mind to do so, but for some reason I just kept putting it off, and since this year is going by at lightening fast speed - before I knew it, here we are in December. How can it be flippin DECEMBER!?!?!?!

Okay, so let's see, my last post was at the beginning of August - yikes. Well let's see - we went camping twice in August...Miss Georgia's first camping trips! She of course loved it, we set up her crate in the tent and the first night she kinda flipped about every little noise that she heard outside...which can be alot of noise when you are camping outside. Oh yes, and especially when racoons raid your campsite. The first night, I left a bowl of her dry food out and they munch, munch, munched their way to the bottom of the bowl - and then decided to ransack the basket that I had a big ziplock of her food in. The second night, hubster had made a chocolate cake with vanilla icing (yes, thanks to T - we have a camping OVEN in which biscuits and chocolate cake were produced) - but we stupid people covered the cake with foil and left it on the table...which is why we woke up to this:

Can you believe those little bastards scraped of all the vanilla frosting??? SUCK!

Here's Georgia during the day (remember this was like 5 months ago)

and here she is at night...hehehehe

Oh, my poor baby - I know some people would be all "gimme a break, she's a DOG" - but seriously? she was shivering. And after about 10 minutes, we put her in the tent and let her snuggle on our air mattress under all our blankets until we went to bed a couple of hours later. That second night we let her stay on the bed with us instead of going into her crate and she slept like a BABY. I thought she would be squirming around, but she was so cozy she snoozed all night long.

Let's see, not much happened in September - except I turned 29. yikes. How did that happen so fast? This means that next year I will be 30. 3-0...what the hell?

October and November are kind of a blur...there was candy and kids in costumes and turkey and then it was over.

Blogger is acting up and won't post any more pictures...so before I start pounding my keyboard in anger I'm gonna just post this and call it a day. More later! I promise! I won't forsake you my lovely readers! (if I even have any readers anymore now that I ditched my blog for so long...rude I know)


Amanda said...

It's ok - we still love you!

t said...

I agree with Amanda, we totally love you....even though i couldn't afford that big screen HDTV for you guys.