Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here I go...

Okay so I am absolutely HORRIFIED to post these pictures...but I gotta do it - in the interest of honesty, it must be done. So here goes, welcome to my kitchen:

Check it out...I even left a cupboard wide open - I do that all of the time. Stuff piled everywhere, although I must say - the dining table isn't piled with nearly as much crap as usual - and neither is the butcher block table. This is from the hallway looking in - next picture?

This is from the sink looking toward the opposite wall. My trash is stovetop is stacked with pots and pans that need to be washed...there is stuff piled on top of the fridge...even the things ON my fridge are in complete disarray. And what is that...a DUSTBUSTER? seriously folks, I need help. Moving on:

This is from the living room looking over the bar area into the kitchen. The bar area is a MAJOR HOT SPOT. We pile mail and magazines and CRAP all over the countertop. That big orange thing is actually a retro water pitcher - but it's empty, it's always been empty since the day we bought it - isn't that horrible? That's it, I'm going right now to fill up a big water jug so I can fill it with bottled water.

Okay - now that I'm fully shamed and embarrassed (and this isn't even the worst room in the house) I'm going to be working on this kitchen tonight...and tomorrow I will post pictures of my accomplishments.

Oh, and one last thing - for T - I FINALLY did the puzzle you gave me for my birthday...wooo! Here's proof:

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t said...

I'm so proud of you! That's fabulous! It's not as spectacular as the Keukenhof, but it's bright and beautiful just the same. Good job!