Monday, September 08, 2008

Back in the game...

Okay - to catch you all up...this is what all has been going on in our lives - bullet style!

  • We put an offer in on a house in GB....after several counteroffers back and forth, we finally got one accepted.
  • Went into escrow, got the inspection done, discovered the place was a "pile"
  • Submitted request for repair on all section 1 safety issues...seller refused - we pulled out of the whole thing at the last minute
  • Disappointed, but the whole situation was a bit stressfull - so glad it's over and obviously the place wasn't meant to be
  • Went to San Francisco to visit with hub's family and attend a pool party for oldest neice Audrey's 7th birthday
  • Which means AJ had his first swimming pool experience - he loved it!
  • We also had hubs's sister and brother in law birthdays this month, so we squeezed that in while we were up there
  • Life is much different traveling with a little many things to remember to bring!
  • Hubs, myself, my brother and sister in law...planned a surprise party for my parents 40th anniversary - and we actually succeeded in surprising them! It was awesome.
  • The day before the surprise party, our boy came down with his first actual cold
  • Which came with an ear infection a week later
  • He woke up almost every hour during the night for 3 days straight and it sucked major donkey balls
  • He's on antibiotics now and doing much better, but still has a cold...
  • Our new couch arrived - LOVE IT
  • The house in front of us became empty and my landlord offered to pay me commission to show it and help her with the details since they live out of town...the place was left NASTAY by the previous say the least (I'll have to do a slideshow, you all will be SHOCKED)- so it's been a flurry of worker bee's and potential renters over the last week or so
  • Work has been busy since school started so my days have been full of phone calls and customer needs and of course BABY needs :)
  • Hubs and I did a 30 minute videotaped presentation called "Why did we get married?" for Marriage Encounter - it was nervewracking as hell, but it went over really well with everyone who saw it. Glad to be done with that.
  • Adam ROLLED OVER for the first time a few days ago...he's only done it a few times since - but I feel like this is his first big step before crawling, and at that point, my life as I know it will be over.
  • The boy is almost FIVE MONTHS OLD and I can't even believe that I just typed that
I THINK that's all that's been going on - but I've been suffering from severe MOMNESIA lately (yes, it's a real thing - I watched Oprah and Doctor OZ said so) so I may have forgotten something, who knows. I feel like I've been so busy, and yet also trying super hard to absorb every minute of my little man because this babyness is going by so quickly, and I don't want to miss anything. Making him smile and laugh is seriously my favorite pastime these days.


In the pool with daddy

Itty Bitty Hawaiian print swim trunks...could you just DIE? Look at that belly!

Carie's masterpiece...Aaron made the cake stand - and she busted her butt making all those cupcakes

And the gorgeous top layer...amazing isn't it?

That would be my parents shoving cake in each other's faces...I was so proud!
Old Couch...(it's microfiber, so looks wierd in this picture)

Poor sick baby on the old couch....

New Couch...reclining heaven...

Poor sick baby on the new couch...

Still good for a smile though!


*aron* said...

busy busy busy!!!!

LOVE all the pics :)

Joanna said...

My Comments, Bullet style:
-donkey balls (will be adding that to my verbal lexicon)
-Sorry about the house, that really sucks...
-What's marriage encounters???????
-Yea for the new couch, we're on the hunt for some new ones too
-Who says that boys don't have cute clothes? Those little board shorts are totally adorable
-Carrie: holy crap those cupcakes are awesome, by any chance to you do sugar cookies?????
-Congrats on actually keeping the party a secret, I just learened that this is no small task

Welcome back, we missed you!

Kelly said...

Holy crap! That's a lot of stuff going on.

Yeah.... so, buying a house is one of THE most stressful things you'll do in your whole life. I don't recommend it. Ha. No... really, it's a smart thing to do, when you find the right one. I too laughed at the donkey balls comment. =)

Love the couch! I bet it's nice a comfy. Has AJ christened it yet? It's coming.

I've missed you!

Kelly said...

Oh... yummy baby pics! Thanks. He's a little ham and looks HUGE! How big is he these days? And damn, could he look any more like Daddy?