Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Questions and Answers

I just love getting comments, you guys crack me up...

Joanna posed a few questions for me, so I figured I may as well answer them on here...

What's marriage encounters???????

Okay, this one is going to take some explaining. Marriage Encounter is basically a weekend retreat on a ranch, designed to help couples learn how to communicate with each other. My parents have been involved for a looooong time, and my brother and I pretty much grew up with a bunch of other kids who's parents were involved as well. It's a really fun group of people - and I know my parents are really passionate about it and say it's helped them stay married and in love. Hubs and I decided "what the heck" and went on a weekend back in May of 2007. We were both really apprehensive at first, especially being the youngest people on the weekend - but we stuck it out and by the end, we were really glad we'd gone. Well, they recently had an anniversary weekend (for couples who've already been on a weekend) and they wanted perspective from a younger couple...and since we're in the thick of it, having been married less than 10 years, and a new baby and all...they asked us to do a presentation. I simply HAAAATE speaking in public, so I said no - but after some convincing and telling us that we could videotape it so I wouldnt' have to be there in person, I caved and we did it. It ended up being a really perfect time for us to have to write about our marriage and answer questions about our expectations when we first got married, versus the reality of it all - mainly because as some of you know, having a baby can really put the marriage on the backburner...it kind of reminded us that we need to keep our relationship first and foremost.
Anyway, that's pretty much the gist...feel free to email me if you have any questions!

-Yea for the new couch, we're on the hunt for some new ones too

Since I'm pretty sure you asked once before where we found the couch...we ended up at a ware house in SLO on Broadstreet...just down from Longs. But Weatherby's in SM has some good deals too - that place was probably next on our list.

Carrie: holy crap those cupcakes are awesome, by any chance to you do sugar cookies?????

I can certainly ask her! Do you mean like the flowers only in cookie form? The flowers were made out of pressed fondant...I can't believe she can do all that stuff - but I have yet to find something she CAN'T do. And she's a homeschooling busy mother of THREE, so I have no idea where she finds the time...
Let me know the details and I can ask :)


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Joanna said...

Kristen- Thanks!!!! Marriage encounters sounds really interesting. Thanks too for the info on the couches, mine are from my college days and are totally looking it too.
As for the cookies, I was hoping for some royal iced cookies for an upcoming shower for my sister in law, I think I found a teacher at my work though.